Team Up Thursday | Where You Live

Joanne and I are literally a world apart separated by a great body of water. But we both have one thing in common, that vast ocean so near to where we live. For me, the best thing about coming home is getting to the rise of the hill and seeing the ocean spread out before me. It has a calming effect on me and I am at peace once more.

I love the pod of dolphins in Joanne's photos, it's amazing to be on the ocean whale watching and become the "watched" when dolphins arrive on the scene. Such playful creatures.
My picture is from the International Boardwalk at the local pier. we used to walk down there quite regularly, but now that it's a bit further with our move, we haven't made the walk so much. The boardwalk area was once part of a casino/auditorium and bath house/saltwater plunge in the early 20th Century. Similar to the famous Sutro Baths in San Francisco. People would ride the Red Cars down from downtown Los Angeles for a vacation or to just stay for the weekend.  You wouldn't know the history of our small city today just by looking at it. It has changed drastically in the last 40 years.

We've been under a marine layer for the past month with 60 degree weather. Yesterday we finally woke up to sunshine! We are all feeling the lightness of the sunshine in our spirits - we've been waiting for summer to arrive on our sandy shore. Time to hit the beach!

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Team Up Thursday | Celebration

We were invited to a party that my husband works every Fourth of July. Really nice people.

Really nice house!

REALLY nice back yard with pool AND water slide. Water. slide. Like - water park water slide.

A really nice day.

This week's Team Up Thursday diptych. Joanne on top mine on the bottom. I love Joanne's picture with the confetti shooting out - perfect timing.

Happy Friday!

Crafty Tuesday | Inspiration Chair

I came home this afternoon and found this on my front lawn...waiting for garbage day to arrive. It's not much to look at - at first glance...

But it quickly called out to me with visions of what could be, bright fabric, maybe new paint, a big field to plop it in for a photo shoot or maybe just a day at the beach.  I envisioned it all and walked inside, frustrated that we no longer have the room to add "found" treasures like this. (I had looked long and hard for a chair similar to this for the guest room in our old house.)

Seriously, how could I possibly leave it for such doom? (better yet - for someone else to grab up and give new life to it. For. FREE.)

You just can't find chairs like this For. FREE! I went in the house to start dinner then grabbed Harrison to go test it out. I just HAD to take a picture of it, test it, you know. It's the thrifter/photographer in me.

 Oh my gosh, don't you just love it!?
Harrison loved it. (he's acting in this picture)
He immediately wanted to keep it; but really, we don't have room!

Then I started fantasizing again. I couldn't stop myself...worse case scenario - I still give it away.
Best case scenario - I eventually do something like this to it:

Look at all that Anthropologie loveliness. Oh, the possibilities!

It was time to go back inside to finish making dinner, I needed to let it go.
"But what about the chair, mommy?"

"We leave it where we found it, someone will probably pick it up."

"But I want to keep it!" Harrison was adamant {I secretly agreed}, "We can put it on our grass rug in our patio!". He sat on it in the front yard to "protect" it.

The G.I.D. went outside to get Harrison and came back in with the chair. {secretly did the happy dance; but still not sure where to put large chair}

So now we have this too-big chair in our too-small home... and I feel so inspired by it!

Time to get crafty.
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