This is Fifty (+ Four)

Nope. Eight. 
As in 58.  
As in life turned on it's head shortly after I started writing this "I'm past 50" post. 
As in who the hell cares how old I am anyway.  

What I started writing below still stands.  
I'm freakin' AWESOME at writing personal (maybe even entertaining) blogs posts - In. My. Head. - More specifically IN THE BATHROOM, in my head.  

I do think some of my best, if not deepest, work was thought up while in the shower or drying my hair.  

However, now days, as the adult-onset, social-media-induced, non-diagnosed ADHD goes, it's all gone out of my head as soon as I open that bathroom door. 

And that, my friends is how I roll.

So back to 54, four years and one Pandemic later.... 

That's right, you read it.

I've actually written several blogs posts about about this over the past three years... in my head.
That's too bad, too. Because I think they were good.

I've also written some damn good music and lyrics in the past... in my dreams.
As is often the case with me, but I digress.

The thing is, when I started this blog The Boy was two-years-old and I was Forty-two years old - a new mom and a slow trajectory of changing careers. I suddenly felt old in a young world and I kept my age to myself.


I'll go deep on this subject. That last paragraph above, there's a lot to unpack there. I need to go deep on that. 
Albeit not tonight. Not yet.  

There's more to come...

I do wish I could remember all the great writing in my head - even if it was truly just in my head.. D'oh!

Maybe I'll try to remember to have my phone nearby and just dictate into it next time I'm in the bathroom creating blog posts in my head.  

But then again... 

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