Murky Waters Ahead... (a.k.a. goodbye 2009)

Today was the last day of my picture a day project - 365/2009.  I would love to tell you of all the incredible things I learned about photography using my camera {almost} daily or about new insight on my world looking through the viewfinder.

But that's not really the case. Not that it NEVER happened, I have learned a lot and have had insight. And I have an awesome documentation of my year. Awesome.

A whole year.

I went outside this evening knowing I had ONE LAST SHOT for 2009. I've been so sick in the last few weeks that I am wiped clean of any creative juices. So standing there in my little back yard {that was anything but new to me to photograph} I noticed the dirty orange water in the fountain from the rains yesterday.

Then it occurred to me, that water represents how I feel about 2010. Murky.

While so many others are counting down the hours to say goodbye to 2009 because of so many difficult days or experiences. I feel some of our hardships are just over the horizon. We were granted a reprieve from moving last summer; but now it's looking us in the face. I hate moving. Especially when it's not a desired move... and that's just the beginning. 

I'm looking at murky water ahead.

I remembered a little stone I have and went into the house to retrieve it.
I dropped at the side of the fountain and watched it quickly slide and sink to the bottom amongst the debris.

I took some pictures of that stone in the dirty water of the fountain and then pulled it out (using a bubble wand of course!) to wash it and put it away.

It made me think; it went into the dirty, murky water strong, clean and smooth and it came out still looking clean and feeling smooth. The unclean water didn't alter it.

It reminded me of God's love - even through difficulties, struggles and storms. His love is like that stone, strong and constant, coming through all of it with us - unchanged, unaltered.

All I have to do is trust in Him.

Good bye 2009 it has been an interesting ride.

{and although the water may be murky} Hello 2010!
Be what you will, my hope is in the Lord.

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

Hope today was filled with good blessings, wonderful fun, much laughter & joy, sweet peace and all you heart desires.

I've been way off my game and quite neglectful here, I know.  I've recovering from a sinus infection and pink eye - what a illness season!

But I'm looking forward to 2010 being a great year. If not challenging...

I *heart* Anthropologie

And what do I love more than the clearance section of Anthropologie?

A gift card to Anthropologie!

 I picked up a sweet little tea cup and an embroidered hand towel for my kitchen. Love them!

Speaking of picking up, Christmas shopping days are running out, if you need/want a wonderful hand-made heirloom toy for a younger child check this out!
A fun toy at a great price! Harrison saw one at Anthropologie and LOVED it. I was ecstatic to find it at The Copper Mailbox and support a small business. They only have 10 left!

BTW, almost finished with Project 365 - the image above is #348. Wow, that was a fast year!

Storming Through the Holiday Season at the Speed of Light...

I've been spending my weekends taking pictures of other people for their holiday cards and the weekdays taking care of business - newsletters, emails, fliers, posters... When I'm not doing one or the other I'm spending the rest of the time with the little boy above, who seems to NEED me a lot more recently.

If I'm not smiling from his vibrant personality (and sometimes crying...), I'm smiling at the wonderful pictures I've been editing and sending off to people.

Unfortunately, with everything going on, I wasn't able to drive south the attend the Smugmug Christmas party this evening. [insert poo-poo face here] It would have been a blast to meet some Smugmug friends in person. Oh well - maybe next year.

On the other hand, look what arrived on my doorstep yesterday. My very own Shootsac! My husband bought it for my for our 10th anniversary. I can't wait to use it [now that all my photo gigs are done for the season]! I've tried dragging around my camera bag so that I can have both lens close at hand; but it was SO awkward. NOT ANY MORE!  Thank you Love!

Anyone need pictures? Have Shootsac - will take pictures!

Well back to editing, cleaning and going to start it all over again tomorrow.

Double Digits!

Only yesterday...

That what it seems like. But alas it has been 10 years.
We've been married 10 years.


Last year I mentioned that I would have probably added some additional "detail" pictures had I known and pictures of getting ready. I didn't have anyone doing that. And even back then I would have loved close up shots of the flower bouquets and the bridesmaids gloves that I designed (and were sewn by a friend - thank you for taking over that project!). Regardless, it was a perfect day that we joyfully reflected on throughout and long past our first year of marriage. 

Lately as I've been cleaning and downsizing things I don't use or need, I have stumbled across little items from that day tucked away here and there. One being my wedding dress shoved in Harrison's closet. I thought it would be fun to do a Trash the Dress session with the Guy-I-Dig for our 10th anniversary presciently since it was never cleaned and boxed. Then I tried it on - but 10 years, genes, and giving birth has left me unable to zip up the back.

So I took a picture instead!

Another item I discoved was the box with my wedding shoes. Seriously, they are not as pretty or sexy as the shoes I've seen photographed lately; and the years of living in a box inside the closet of hundred year old houses has taken it's toll on the not-so fancy-shoes. Yet, the scuffs and dirt on them represent a wonderful day filled with joy and celebration with our closest family and friends. I bought them with comfort and dancing in mind, Plus, I changed into my white 60's go-go boots (which have also not fared well in the hundred-year-old house...) under the wedding dress for part of the reception anyway .

So now I have a few detail pictures and I can let go of those items that I have no use for because these pictures evoke such great memories of that day.

Even 10 years later.

Here's looking forward to the next 10 years! Oh how I love that Guy-I-Dig! 

PhotoStory Friday
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Pure Bliss

The day was a hard one... for the four-year-old. Sometimes I think it's just hard being four. After preschool we went to the Wilderness park (which is a beautiful park, but really, there's not much wilderness left; with the exception of ducks and turtles) He was told not to throw rocks into the pond and listened, but in the car two hours later. He melted into tears - the second time this day.

With bruised emotions, bruised hands and dirt on his face, we marched into Starbucks and ordered a hazelnut cream for him and an eggnog latte for me. He choose a big brown leather chair to share with me as we relaxed and sipped our drinks. He drew comfort in the warm, flavored milk and I drew comfort in the quiet moment between us - mother and son.


And just like that, November is over.

November at a glance

Oh it's on, baby! Let the Holidays Begin!!
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