Do See What I See?

We read the classic book "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry to Harrison last year. And tonight we popped in the 1974 movie version, borrowed from the local library.

I had no idea what to expect outside of the fact that a) it was based on the classic book and b) it was rated G. I commented to the G.I.D. that the beginning credits sounded like a musical overture.

It was a musical overture.

Within the first few minutes the characters broke into song; but that wasn't the best part - Oh no...

Half way through the movie I discovered that the 'snake' was portrayed by non other then Bob Fosse; have I ever mentioned how I LOVE the choreography of Bob Fosse? No?

I LOVE the choreography of Bob Fosse! So I was unexpectedly treated to a dance sequence performed by the man, himself! It made the movie worth watching for me.

And then the G.I.D. said something out loud that was beginning to form in my mind. As true Fosse style as the dance moves were, they were also familiar and in a different way...

"He looks like Michael Jackson there." my husband stated. "all the say down to the hat and white socks."
Oh. My. Gosh! I never saw it before!

Do you think that a 16-year-old Micheal Jackson watched this movie and was influenced by Bob Fosse's interpretation of a snake? Because somehow I don't see Mr. Bob {eight-time-Tony-Award-winner} Fosse callling up the Jackson's home and saying, "Hey, Michael show me some of your cool moves that will some day make you famous..."


Seriously, Micheal Jackson was probably heavily influenced by Fosse's style. And why not? He is still one of the most "innovative and influential choreographers of the 20th Century". Michael had good taste.

We're obviously not the only people who noticed the incredible likeness between this Fosse routine and Michael Jackson's dance. Check them out side by side:

Now I understand why I always loved Michael's dancing.

RIP Michael.

An Epiphanie - Quite Literally

So was in the Las Vegas airport after WPPI checking in for my flight back to SoCal when a person walked up behind me. He looked at me and glanced down at my open messenger bag and back at me and I smiled at him.

The person was Doug Gordon, a well-known, very talented wedding photographer out of New York. I had attended his class at WPPI and enjoyed it {as well as encouraged by it}, but I wasn't about to fall back into Lameville (with a capital L) and say, "Hi, I saw your class, you're great, and funny, yadda, yadda, yadda" No I was done stretching outside my comfort zone and/or feeling like a dweeb with some dorky thing coming out of my mouth in the three second time frame I would have with this person.

Why the story. The Bag. I took my camera to WPPI by way of messenger bag. My lenses, camera body, flash were all protected within the Shootsac shoved into the messenger bag for travel to Vegas; but on the way back, I wanted the camera ready to possibly take pictures. So when The Doug Gordon looked down toward my bag, he possible caught a glimpse of said camera [safely tucked in the top] sitting there in my not really looking like a camera in a camera bag at all and I projected forward what he might be thinking. Judgement, Judgement, Judgement!

As if he had time or energy to really go there.

At that moment I had an epiphany, I need a new camera bag - one that can double as a purse as well, because seriously, fanny packs are SO LAST CENTURY! - Oh yeah, that's another story...

So let me say this,  
Have you seen all the beautiful new products and contest for pro photographers on

If not check them out because not only do they have really cool stuff, they're giving away an Epiphany bag!
Seriously, don't these photos just make you want to go buy one? I do.

I always think, it's time to get a grown up purse - I'd love to have one that allows me to have my camera with me all. the. time.  Oh that RED one - COME TO MAMA!

Now if that isn't enough, Epiphany has a contest going on and today is the last day! Talk about the eleventh hour for me to share [I've been busy].

They are giving away a a choice of a Canon 5D Mark II or a $2500 gift certificate for Southwest Airlines!

No way! I'm a teeny-tiny fish in a big pond and I'm just not a gambler, but seriously folks, to not enter the contest would be just, plain silly. Especially since they really have a great line of camera bags! (That I would buy right now if I could...)

WHEN I do get that bag, I will need a 5D Mark II to put in there right next to my new 24-70 L lens!

And what was the only picture that I got while on my way home that warranted me having access to my camera and thinking I'm being judged for my carrying options...
A picture of an airplane for Harrison.

Hey, Doug! Next time I run into you at an airport, I'll be looking stylish with my totally hip camera bag. Then again, maybe I'll just look at you again and hope that nothing lame comes out of my mouth.

Some things never change.

Change Is...

{select one}
a. good
b. hard
c. inevitable

d. all of the above

Two months ago we began the process of downsizing and moving; a choice that did not come easily - or peacefully at first.

Like so many, we have struggled in this economy; a chain of events, not unlike dominoes all lined up ready to be tipped, forced our hand - we had to make changes. Finally, in January, we pushed forward with a move and I became just too overwhelmed and then sick all over again after fighting illness all through the holidays.

For our family change is all of the above, it was definitely with slight resistance that we moved on. We loved where we were and why not? We had space, light, joy and countless memories of Harrison's first years in this house. Emotionally we wanted to stay; but in reality we had only planned on staying there once Big Brother went off to college. Three years tops.

Then we fell in love. That house represents growing from babyhood to boyhood, growing from boyhood to manhood, discovering talents and passion, rediscovering the innocent beauty of life, saying good-bye to old friends, meeting new friends and so much more. We filled that home with our laughter, music, love and joy.

But it is an old house filled with history as well; and sometimes it truly felt as if the walls could talk. The past seemed to seep out of the walls, footsteps of those before us whispered across the hardwood and we loved that. Let me share what we learned about our house.

It was originally built in the late 1800s - around the 1870s as a single story dwelling - we were told. Then it was built up into a boarding house just after the turn of the twentieth century. During the time that gambling ships would sit off the California shore; gamblers would come down the piers up and down the coast and stay for the weekend. They would gamble three miles off shore all day and then come stay at the various boarding houses in the area at the time.
The owner of the house {as we rented} is third generation (we rented a different beach house from her parents when we were first married), her father lived in the home as a child and then as a married adult raising a family, he bought the house and brought up five children. When he was a child, General George S. Patton was in town for an event and his grandmother invited the general over to the house for tea, an invitation the General accepted as he had a free hour. (those were the days...) To us, that is amazing, a historical figure of such great importance at the time to come over for tea! And if you don't believe it, just ask the neighbors around the corner whom have lived in the area for 80+ years and were there when it happened.

Why do we love and have such fond memories of this house, see for yourself -
Three and half years in four minutes:

When I Showed up at the Door

Two weeks ago at 1:00 am in the morning, I booked a last minute ticket to Las Vegas. Only I didn't just easily hit "purchase' on the website and that was it - Oh no, I agonized over it and for the twenty-first time I asked my all too patient husband, "should I go, should I do this?" needing his last-minute reinforcement that it was okay to just GO (because the first twenty times apparently just wasn't enough).

One week later I sat in a crowed little terminal waiting for my plane - I was on my way to WPPI. Only the BIGGEST photography convention and trade show of the year! And let me tell you, being more shy than not, I headed out to a huge venue knowing only two people (that would be very busy themselves).

But I was determined to do this, to take this journey to the next level, the door of opportunity had been set before me and all I had to do was show up. Isn't that how it is with our faith. Sometimes God is just asking us to show up.

So I made lists of classes and events and even parties to attend. (Yeah, Parties By. My. Self.) Not my strong suit. Which also translates into walking up to total strangers, introducing myself and saying something totally awkward, dorky or lame...or maybe (just maybe) hit it off with someone.

Oh but I owned it all, even those awkward, lame moments that did indeed happen (that I chose not to cringe over...)!

I dived in, I filled half a legal pad with notes from incredible speakers, met new friends and learned so much my head is still spinning. My suitcase came home stuffed with brochures and product information (felt bad for the airport people who did an random inspection of it down in the baggage area, I'm pretty darn sure that someone had to sit on it to get it closed again). I signed up for a new two-day conference coming up in May that I couldn't turn down, I even bought software to streamline my photo editing work flow.

Before I knew it, ideas were rolling wildly around in my head. Creativity began to flow again and after almost a week of constant classes, overwhelming trade show floors, an evening of room service (because I really do hate it that much eating alone at a sit-down restaurant in a strange city) and swallowing hard as I walk into parties where I knew NO ONE, I started meeting people. (without blurting out awkward things like a dork that left the other person smiling with one of those "that's nice" looks in their eyes.)

Who knew that I would have an opportunity to meet people like Dane Sanders, David J, Jasmine Star, Kevin KubotaHanson Fong, Scott Bourne...just to name a few.

Who knew that I would get rejuvenated, re-inspired, recharged, refreshed.
Then again, I hadn't realized how far down the rabbit hole I had fallen in the first place.

I had forgotten a very important fact in the last few months:
"For nothing is impossible with God." Luke 1:37

Thanks to my dear friends at Madcamp Backgrounds for inviting me. (I'll see you guys in July - if not before!) and thank you, Judi, for always pushing me to show up at the door and being proactive with my gifts and talents.

What did I learn at WPPI? this year?


I can.

I will.

Sunday Self #11

It's been a while...a lot to catch up on.
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