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Kelby Bruno has an incredibly beautiful voice and a mighty love for God. We met during MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) at our church; she is one of those few people that make you feel at home – like an old friend - from the moment you first meet her.
And true to that sweet spirit she exudes, I felt immediately loved and embraced. 
Kelby Bruno
So I considered it a privilege when she asked me to help her with her latest album.
Not only did I provide the photography for her; but I actually took on the task of the CD case layout. Wow, what an experience.
Kelby Bruno Just Add Color PhotographyKelby Bruno Just Add Color PhotographyKelby Bruno
Not so bad for my first official CD case layout. Not sure I want to start doing them regularly; but it was a great experience and it gave me an opportunity to use my gift to bless a very talented person who uses her gift to glorify God and bless others. And I’m all about  giving God, my maker, the glory.
I encourage you to check out Kelby’s music here, it’s well worth it!

Me and You

To the Guy-I-Dig,

On a warm, Spring evening 13 years ago I got a message on my machine about a job offer. I didn’t call you back right away because I had accepted a different position and who were you to call me months after I applied anyway? (yah, I’m groovy like that some days.)

Only you weren’t who I thought you were. I found that out when I finally called back to be polite and let you know I wasn’t interested. That’s when I found out you were calling for a completely different reason – because my friend had referred me to you and, well,  I had forgotten.

We hit it off on the first phone call.

Then I met you in person, you were handsome – I could see that right away – even through the sunglasses and ball cap.
Oh, and I how had this thing for ball caps!
But what threw me was when I shook your hand,
it was like… MAGIC.

Every corny movie, every annoying spoken cliché {that I so hated} came flooding in at me like a tsunami and I immediately dismissed it. Then, the next week I saw your eyes for the first time. Your captivating, beautiful, green eyes.  And my heart skipped a beat. I can only assume that must be the “I knew” moment people often talk about.  Only, I’m a skeptic.

But God knew.

Me & You

God knew the only one for me was you.
…and 13 years later you are still the only one for me. I love you more than ever and I’m So Happy {we’re} Together. 

And boy, am I glad I called you back 13 years ago.

the girl-you-dig

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