Angel Faces {and a few super heros too}

Harrison's school had a twins day last week [there are six sets of twins in his preschool!] and the day was even written up in the local newspaper. He also had his face painted for the first time. If you missed that, it's here - but I warn you, it borders on down right creepy.

All the kids had such a great time from Shabbat services on! One little girl told her daddy as they were leaving, "I go to the BEST school EVER!"

Here are some of my favorite images of the day.

No face painting for Miss A, but she sure is a doll.

And this is why I love photography.


I've had a lot of requests to do little photography projects here and there lately. [because I love photographing things as much as people - if not a tad bit more...] So it was time to answer the question "Do you have a card?" with a resounding YES!

I went to and ordered their little mini-cards with my MY images on one side and my contact information on the other. 100 mini-cards for $19.99. I selected 50 images - so that's two cards with each picture on it.

Now I know there are a lot of other sites out there for free and well-priced buisness cards, including Vista Print. But I don't need full-blown buisness cards at this time, and I really wanted something different.

Yes, they are smaller, that can be a con; but not my worry right now. Just look how stinkin' cute they are!!

go ahead, click on the picture! 

Now, the next time I just asked for a card, I'll have one!

Woo Hoo!

Only they're are so cute I don't want to give them away...

Just Another Crafty Tuesday

Between running around, working, taking pictures and doing some personal research, I was able to steal away to the monthly Antique Fair & Flea Market for a couple hours last weekend.

Here are the fun things I picked up.

A cute little vintage golden book that Harrison has made me read everynight I put him to bed since then. A full-color 1925 newspaper front-page that I'm going to frame for his room as I switch out some of the more "baby" pictures on the wall; I love it and so does Harrison - check out that little crab holding onto the dog's foot.

I also picked up a thick book of old sheet music for collaging and an old frame to convert into a chalk board.

I wanted it to be a magnet/chalk board but sheet metal is rather costly. Oh well,I loved how it turned out anyway.

I've already used it for important notes to myself. It works!

Oh and hey, I found the power cord to the loaner sewing machine! Now to figure out how to thread the bobbin...  
wait, did I happen to mention that I misplaced the power cord of the sewing machine lent to me by my friend who misplaced the power cord and foot peddle to my machine?


Ironic wasn't it?

Good thing she doesn't read my blog!

Or does she?

Theme Thursday/Photo Story Friday - The Love of Color

In my past life I was training to be a theatrical lighting designer - I LOVE theatrical lighting. I love creating "atmosphere" and "mood" with light and... color.

 And I Loved, Simply LOVED creating the light show for a small rock band I worked with in the mid-80's. Especially the opening sequence, bringing up back-lighting on the musicians as they came out through the smoke then pulling up the front lights and moving into a show that complimented the beat of the music. Yup, 1980's smoke machines and stage lighting rocked!

 My gel filter samples via 1986

I also love clean white space, it's true.

but sometimes...

You Just {have to} Add Color.

Photo Story is Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek
PhotoStory Friday

And since I've been such a stranger latey, don't forget to visit Stacy for more Theme Thursday love!

Best Shot Monday in the Eleventh Hour

As we got ready for bed tonight, Harrison's shirt didn't  make it over his head, leaving him with a classic case of shirt-head which in turn sends him into fits of giggles. He wanted to show his daddy and to take a picture. I snapped off a couple quick - not good at all - pictures.

But in post processing I moved to the extreme and blew out the features with high contrast. A photo that was okay, I now love. Sometimes we need to just "play" and enjoy the process of creating art. 

Here a couple more, I adjusted the white balance, tone, and exposure, the second one I converted to black and white; but it's the look in his eyes that makes the high contrast shot my favorite from the weekend.

See more best shots at Mother May I.

Photo Story Friday - When it Rains - It Pours...

It has been pouring on and off all day here. But I don't mind, I love the rain.
And funny how when it come to picking up my camera, it's fast or famine or better yet - when it rains it pours.

Yesterday I got one shot in, one picture that I"ll end up using for my 365 project.

Today, and an easy 200 pictures later, I hardly put down the camera. From the time I took a picture of frozen milk until it was time to think about what to make for dinner...

That included two photo shoots to help friends with projects. The first one was with this cute little guy. Isn't amazing how photography comes in waves?

But after about 10 mintutes of his mom trying to get him in a specific pose and position while I snapped the camera, he gave me this look...

Then after lunch (and a feshly charged battery) I spent the afternoon taking pictures of toys for another friend's project. I hoped it works out. Here's one of my old favorite Holgate toys.

Hey, is that guy in the blue winking at me?

that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Photo Story is Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek
PhotoStory Friday

Theme Thursday - Baby It's COLD Inside!

Snow and ice in SoCal?

We get it quit often, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall (that could be a good song...)

 Indeed, it is only the milk freezing once again in our Sub Zero-let me freeze EVERYTHING-refrigerator.

Fortunately, it doesn't phase me too much. Now when the filtered water water freezes, then I get miffed.

Sorry about the non-sharp focus, I don't know if it's me or the camera.

Probably me.

Check out more cold-goodness as we brace for another 6 weeks of winter. (According to that annoying little groundhog.)

Tranquility for February

tran⋅quil⋅li⋅ty-(trang-kwil-i-tee) n.1. quality or state of being tranquil; calmness; peacefulness; quiet; serenity.2. a disposition free from stress or emotion

I've picked my one word for February. It feels like a place I want to be. Even though the word it's self tends to stir up images of nature and babbling brooks on the cover of a music CD I would find in a yoga studio or day spa, I like that it is also a reminder to slow down and be quiet.

Sometimes I need quiet down to be free of stress... and hear God's voice. What will I find this month that represents tranquil?

I know homemade bread and tea in the morning starts out the day slowly and relaxing. I'm also working with shadows and light for a change. I tend to have bright pictures often (which I like) but I want to embrace the shadows.

Mood lighting is calling me...

I took the picture then he ate the breakfast - cinnamon-apple tea and all.

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