Seeing the Light

Every other week or so Harrison announces that he misses or wants to move back to our old house.  I admit I miss it too - if not for the space,or the inspirational rooms - then for the light. And let me tell you, there was a lot of gorgeous light in that house.

Since moving, we have light in our new home; but not like before. We even have west facing windows ; but finding when that light gives the warm, creamy results that I love so much has been tricky. But on Saturday at 2:00 pm, after receiving a package in the mail, we pulled out the camera to (as always) document a moment.

Yup. That's the moment. 

Then Harrison wanted to take pictures and I had a thought; it's been a while since I took a self portrait [a REAL self portrait] and, HEY, this light is nice. Yes, after eight months, I finally found my "happy place" light in our new home!

Harrison took this picture. Not too bad!

Ironically, when I sat down at my computer yesterday I happened to catch an update from Me Ra Koh in my Facebook News Feed about an upcoming blog post covering how to take a good bio/head shot picture and I responded. I know, huh. - I rarely do that!

{really freaking} long story - short, Me Ra is spotlighting 10 different women on her blog tomorrow with their head shot/bio pic photo recipe and I'm one of them!


I guess good light pays off!

Team Up Thursday | Lonely.

That is what my image is feeling this week. Somehow its partner just couldn't make it here via email. Joanne was NOT getting any email love yesterday, so you're just going to have to go over there to see what she did with our pictures!

I LOVE selective focus so I was on this week's theme like a rabid dog! Harrison and I made a rock garden on the deck last on Monday - complete with found shells. And I whipped out the camera in an effort to "practice every day"

[because 365 was flushed down the toilet MONTHS ago...sigh.]

I love the opposite effects that our two images create, cool colors of summer here and warm, cozy colors of winter in Australia. You'll just have to go give her some bloggy love! The contrast in color and subject just works well this week. Love it.
Go ahead, click on the link - you know you want to.

Exposure: f2.0 1/400 ISO200 50mm
On another note, is it just me, or has Blogger been really softening images when upload. This picture is a lot sharper before uploaded to the web.

Oh well.

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EDITED to add diptych.

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