Photo Story Friday - A Sweet Farewell

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PhotoStory Friday

A week ago today, we had a little retirement party for someone I work with. She is very dear to my heart and to Harrison's heart. A part of his routine after school is to go upstairs and see Pearl for a hug and either stamp at her desk for a few minutes or receive a little treat when it exists.

I talked to him last week about the fact that Pearl wouldn't be there every day any longer but we could still see her. The first thing he did was invite her to our house to "watch Star Wars next-later". On Monday, as I walked up to the gate with Harrison in hand, I felt heartsick. It wasn't the same knowing Pearl wouldn't be there with her smile and sense of humor to cut through my tired morning. I felt sad.

On Wednesday after school Harrison wanted to go upstairs and see Pearl. I reminded him of our talk and the party last week but he insisted on going to see for himself. So we did. A person walked into the office and Harrison told her that 'Pearl isn't here anymore". Then he walked into th Rabbi's office and again told the Rabbi that "Pearl isn't working here anymore".

She truly made an impression on both Harrison and I in the last three years. For me, a motherless mother, she is wise council, a listening and understanding ear and unconditional friendship. For Harrison, a surrogate grandmother that fills in when his one grandmother lives so far away. She has full grandmother rights to give him plenty of hugs and kisses and any "treat" she deems fit.

She is busy, she has her own children and grandchildren as well as things keeping her days filled, but we have been blessed that she made room in her heart for us, too.

We'll miss seeing her face three times a week...

But we'll be making a telephone call for a dinner guest soon!

PhotoStory Friday

Tall Ships

We visited the tall ship Lynx a couple weeks ago and returned a week later to go aboard. Harrison loved it and I found it to be a great place to pull out my camera. Unfortunately, all my camera batteries were dead! Of course the weather was perfect for picture taking - slightly overcast with blue sky reaching through but not sunny. I decided it was worth going home to get the camera and come back for more (Harrison wasn't opposed to the idea either). By the time we got back after our lunch, there was full sun directly overhead - not a wispy white cloud in sight and the ship was filled with people (unlike the morning). Bad time to take pictures - I did anyway.
These were taken from the pier, the ships take passengers on a short sea voyage. I get too motion sick to enjoy such an adventure.

Above, it's shooting off the cannons, I heard this several times a day for 14 days straight while the tall ships visited our port. Only once did it wake my sleeping child. I'm serious, it was LOUD.

Harrison checks out one of the smaller cannons before it sails.

I love all the rich texture and colors of rustic old wood, rope and other gear that the ship employed.

Harrison even got a tattoo that he proudly displays for everyone to see. (And it's still on!)

More photo here.

80's Rock!


Okay, so I'm a little behind and taking a couple days to breathe on top of it.

In the meantime I leave you with a little Thursday 80s love (a.k.a. music with big hair)

Check this out - or better yet, skip this version and go straight down to the LITERAL version...

For a good laugh.

Hope it makes your day!

If you love the 80s.

Wordless Wednesday - A Favorite Place

Before there was Harrison, there was Naja.

Naja's Place - 77 beers on tap...

On a hot day - Heaven.
If you like beer.

If not - I have a lemon tree in the back yard...

Photo Story Friday - Wanna See Something

REALLY Ghoul Cool?

I posted my photo story over here today.

If you haven't been over
there lately, check it out.

Come on click in the link -
you know you want to...

Going My Way...or

Which way do I go?
or... All roads lead to here.

Then again, which way to Wall Drug?

About 1,462 miles northwest. That's all.

More Wordless Wednesday here and here.

Santa Ana Winds and More Fires

Here in Southern California, Autumn means Santa Ana winds, over-dry conditions and fires. If we don't have to contend with earthquakes, it's the fires. Ugh.

It's practically one year ago - to the week, that we had such serious, destructive fires and here we are again. Unbelievable.

In the mean time, while I prepare for the Fall, keep track of the fires burning dangerously close to many of my friends, and finish more publication deadlines - I recommend heading over to Ilka's Attic and reveling in her magnificent images of Autumn - in her own yard!
You can see them here and here. I just have to keep going back.

Simply Perfect.

For the time being, it's the closest I can get to the New England Fall weather, so I'll just have to suffice with my California pumpkins.

Loungin' Lizards, Batman!

These little guys were guests at a Home Town Fair last weekend. I'm not sure if they were the ones on display...

Or if they thought we were.

Yes, they are real.

And, yes, they are alive.
One winked at me as I turned to run after my one little critter.

After all, there were many more animals to get his hands on.

As for me, I'm diggin' those chaise lounges - I need to get me one!

Camera Critters
Camera Critters is hosted by Misty Dawn. Check it out!

SOOC Saturday - I'm Lovin Me Some New Sheets!

After 8 1/2 years of gorgeous deep plum colored heaven (a.k.a. the softest sheets in the world), I had to break down and buy new sheets for our bed. The flat sheet ripped somehow and the rip grew and grew... and well, GREW.

And although I can't buy the bazillion-count thread sheets that leave me feeling like I'm sleeping on cloud (and that's what our Plum sheets did some nights) I decided to at least get a softness I can live with and a color I don't want to live without.

It was time to go a little more neutral and earthy and I found just the right color - on sale!
They are called Oat, and blend with our comforter perfectly. (this shot is not SOOC)

Ahh, new, freshly washed sheets on the bed just makes me want to stay in and nestle in the warm coziness longer. So I did.

Harrison also tested them and approved.

He jumped, burrowed and snuggled in them.

I guess you can call them kid-tested, mother-approved.

Slurping Life

SOOC Saturday is hosted Melody at Slurping Live.

The One Where I Give a Shameless Plug for an Old Friend...

So apparently the Spike TV Scream Awards are coming up in October 21. Not that I follow awards shows that often, let alone those on Spike TV about the year's best horror/thriller flicks.


I am all about supporting my friends in the [Entertainment] business and earlier this summer my dear friend, Doug Jones, had a little movie open nationwide in theaters. Unfortunately, I was unable to see it in the theater [oh the love of no childcare] and another little movie kinda dwarfed it a week later.

All the same, here we are at the time of year when award shows start popping up all over and Doug finds himself nominated for Best Supporting Performance in the Spike Scream Awards. (I do have to say he is up against some hefty competition including one of my all-time favorites, Gary Oldman. But as much of a fan as I am of Gary, I am more loyal to my friend to Dougie.

So since the Scream Awards are for everyone, please pop over and cast your vote, if you feel led to, for Doug Jones as 'Abe Sapien' in 'Hellboy 2: The Golden Army'. I did.

And in the words of Dougie - "There's Big Love!!"

Photo Story Friday - Training Them Early

As parents we work hard to train our children in the way (we think) they should to go. We all have our own parenting styles and regardless of our efforts - children will always model our behavior and actions.

Does that include moments they haven't witnessed with their innocent little eyes?

Like maybe - shoplifting?

Because my name is Golightly and I am a recovering accidental-shoplifter.
My last accidental shoplifting experience was in the summer of 2004 when I walked out of Target with my little purse on one arm and another [non-purchased] little purse on the other arm. As I sat down in my car and put my purse down on the passenger seat I realized there was another purse! I immediately marched back in and handed the purse to the security guard telling him he ought to keep a better eye on me because I just walked out with said purse. Oops.

That was not the first time, yet I can't even play poker. Heck, I can't intentionally lie for the sake of a surprise party without turning red in the face.


Along came baby-Harrison, sleep deprivation and triple the time to get in or out of the house, the car and other such places. Exhausting - to say the least; but I truly try to model correct behavior for him to mimic.

So image how proud I was the day he modeled my [accidental petty-theft] behavior! NOT.

We made a trek to Ikea for some things when Harrison was walking but not yet talking. After an absurdly long, hot two hours in the store and checkout line I walked my very tired Toddler to the car at the back of a crowded parking lot. I unloaded the stuff into the car, unlatched Harrison and pulled him out of his stroller when I saw it...

A package of plates. D'oh!

I pondered the moment. I looked at them, I looked at the storefront in the near distance. I listened to the sound of my cranky child, looked at the store again - then I tossed them in the car. That's right folks. I tossed them - unpaid for - In. The. Car.

I was not about to go all the way back with a over-tired, sweating-hot, cranky about-to-melt-down 18-month-old for a $1.99.

Not gonna do it.

So there they sat, shrink wrapped, on Harrison's table for an insanely long time until one day, months later, [after another trip to Ikea and an authentic purchase of matching bowls] I opened them.

Unfortunately, this was not his only time of accidental shoplifting - but we've returned any accidentally lifted items to the store since that time.

Oh the things that end up in the shopping cart and stroller...

Photo Story is Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek
PhotoStory Friday

Apparently I've Been Under a Rock

The other evening I went to the store to get pizza and ice cream. (We love the 20% off pizza on Friday deal at the local market.) Then I observed something strange - no, annoying... like all consumers, I have watched the price of groceries go up over the last few months and in some cases, rise drastically in weeks.

But it seems I had not bought ice cream since about July and as I stood there gazing at the many choices (knowing I would end up with vanilla) I noticed it.

It was troubling.


Out right WRONG.

The Dreyers ice cream container was SMALLER.
Exceptionally smaller!

Then I looked over at the Breyers Ice cream. Oh yeah, not as noticeable but definitely smaller; and to add insult to injury, it's not cheaper - it's more expensive! (although I bought it on sale)

Now right there, I knew the logic behind it. Reduce the container size rather then take up the price. But the price is up and the container is smaller and I feel cheated and insulted! (of course, I only buy it on sale anyway - but that's not the point.)

I admit, I am one of those people that would rather pay more for the same size then be left feeling that the manufacturers are using sneaky tactics in cutting back the amount they give me for the same (original) price.

Evidently, I am not the only one insulted by this discovery, it seems I was just the last to find out as I read in a couple articles about it.

Maybe I should start an ice cream revolt!

Yeah, that would work - as well as boycotting buying gas for your car did.

I think I'll go have a bowl of ice cream.

Theme Thursday - Sunflares in My Camera Makes Me Happy

Okay so their not the best sunflare pictures - or even that great of pictures but...

I haven't had a lot of time to go take pictures lately; although I ran out of the house one evening last week and took some pictures through my Duaflex viewfinder as the sun was setting - at the expense of a couple people gawking at me as they walked by. I'm sure it does look rather strange seeing a person standing on the sidewalk, pointing a camera down a long, black smokestack-like tube.

On the other hand, Harrison and I went ended a day at the park a few weeks ago and I have gorgeous photos of him being King of the Mountain as he stood on a rock and shouted into the setting sun.

I had my 50mm lens on my camera and forgot to step back and get the full picture of him on the rock. Another day. Oh how I love that golden light!

Go enjoy more sunshine at the Land of K.A.!

Theme Thrusday - Ornery times Two

I am convinced these Pelicans are distant cousins of the vulture. Both species of birds have that ugly looming look about them and the both tend to be scavengers - at least the pelicans I come in contact with on a weekly basis.

You see, these birds are the vultures of the pier, they defiantly sit in rows, perched at the edge of nail-covered roofs [rebelling against the very purpose the nails were put there - to keep them off] and wait for the fishermen to turn their back and then try to swoop in and steal the freshly caught fish. Forget scooping them out of the sea, that's for Finding Nemo, why work when you have a fisherman's pier at your disposal?

And for fun when the fishing is not going so well, they look for innocent bystanders to bird-scream at, toy with, and worse, excrete on.

Oh yes my friends, that ugly sucker POOPED on me. And I swear I heard him laugh.

I wasn't even aware of what happened to me. I thought I felt something as I turned to take a picture, then I saw it, all down the front of my [black] shirt and continuing down the entire length of my pants. I do count myself lucky, the fiend missed my head. HA! Back at ya, bird!
I know he was aiming for that.

Thankfully, one of the lingering joys of having a child and still carrying a backpack for him -- babywipes. They cleaned me right up in no time.

Anyone have a BB gun?


Multiply the fun by going to Land of K.A.!

I'm feeling Giddy!

I love the change of season, I love the feeling of Fall and the excitement of the impending holidays it brings.

It's time to start thinking about pumpkins, and decorating, and Fall colors. Just thinking of the smells of apples, cinnamon, fireplaces take me into a cozy frame of mind.

It's Fall!

I'm so 'CITED!!
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