What I've Been Trying...

TtV (through the Viewfinder) with my little Brownie Hawkeye.

I am playing with an idea for changing some of the art in Harrison's room (that, and removing the gosh-awful blue floral wallpaper!)

Here are some rough test samples. These are true TtV images, but I may take some macro shots and fake it with a TtV frame that Christina led me to.

They aren't quite right, including the letter and the color is off when I upload them, but I like the idea in my head, so back to the drawing board to play more.

I Love Clouds

Two thing I miss about the Mid West, even after a couple of decades in Southern California.

1. The four seasons - okay, a two or three hour drive in (almost) any direction will afford me a seasonal change.

2. Clouds and the rain storms with thunder and lightening that occasionally accompany them. yes, we get thunder and lightening, but not on a regular basis. I can just count on two hands the number of times we've had TRUE lightening storms in previously mentioned number of decades; and since we're so close to the beach, we get a lot of marine layer so when clouds are high and fluffy white - I am in heaven.

Then there comes a magical week like a couple weeks ago where we got a really cool (albeit short) lightening storm and high, fluffy, luscious white clouds in the sky.

This is as the sunset a week ago, Monday.

I love these clouds at the end of the pier.

I took this last Wednesday evening as our homegroup met on the beach again. I liked the view of the bikes in the shot but maybe I should have adjusted the aperture settings a little more.

I've been blogging a lot over at Pierce toddler Project, probably because I haven't had much of a break from Mr. Harrison much in the last two week. And he is a non-stop talker. I also had major Adobe color managment issues as well as email issues and spent one glorious day [well 5 hours anyway] on the phone with everyone and their grandmother.

Good news, most of the problems are resolved.

Bad news, not all of the problems have been resolved. Including the raw files not loading properly in Lightroom.

And I am drained.

I have nothing.

Oh and I... need Chocolate. [read into it girls, read into it.]

(and I started this sad excuse for a post last Friday.)

Crafty Tuesday Wannabe - 'Cause I'm Just a Wannabe

A few weeks ago Harrison and I got some fabric remnants to make some softies - well a robot softie to be exact. Then I got my sewing machine back from a friend - without the pedal to make it run. So we are still in waiting mode... [After making some felt food by hand with needle and thread, I came to the conclusion that I am better off waiting for the sewing machine plug before venturing into a much larger sewing trek.

Then this cute little site caught my eye. It was the name of the site that stopped me, it's similar to Harrison's little invisible friend. that's right, it apparently stays in my closet near a hat only it's called Moogy. I have NO idea where it came from, only that one morning as we all lay in bed, the GID alseep and I half asleep, I hear Harrison's voice talking - and responding.

He says, "See I'll show you, mommy's eyes are blue..." he starts to lift my eyelid, but I open my eye. "Uh, huh." he continues, looking toward the closet. "And Daddy's eyes are green..." At that point I stop him from trying to open eyelids on the sleeping man next to us. then I ask him, "Who are your talking to?"

"Moogy" in that Duh tone that only a Toddler can achieve.

"Moogy? Where is Moogy?"

"In the closet mommy. By the hat"

I look to where he points in the hazy morning light and see an old ball cap and scarves hanging from hooks as I listen to Harrison tell me about Moogy, his friend. It seems they had been discussing eye color and ABCs this particular morning and he had to show Moogy our eyes.

Moogy has made a few appearance in the months since, but not too often, as Harrison spends less time in our bed in the mornings now.

Although this morning, as we lay there waking up slowly, Harrison raises his hand in a wave and nonchalantly throws out, "Hey Moogy."

Well all that to say, I realized Moopy & Me was a blog I had found some time ago and lost. Carly even has a book out - in Australia [dang] - that I would love to have. And she is a talented artist in the area of whimsy. And speaking of fun, check out this post, I would love to get my hands on some of those Stockmar beeswax blocks for coloring. Not gonna happen but they are nice.

In the mean time, maybe we can make a Moogy softie!

If I could just get that sewing machine power cord back...

I Wonder...

Seriously, please, please, please head over here and tell me what this is.




8/25/2008 - Edited to add said ugly (possibly dead) fish/thing.

A Little Break

The Guy I Dig went into the hospital very early Monday morning for his out-patient surgery. All went well and he is resting at home and recovering nicely with minimal pain. I haven't spent any time at the computer since I finished my work projects until now, so please forgive me for being behind. Thanks to all that kept us in your prayers Monday.

On Saturday, I made waffles. Someone made me hungry for them, but I didn't make them from scratch.
On Sunday we went to a celebration of mud. Along with the usual pictures of Harrison, I took some other shots as I practiced using manual features.

The best part - SOOC.

Doors and windows

Adobe bricks drying in the sun

Handmade pottery

The G.I.D. will be up and walking tomorrow, and the doctor wants him walking 3 miles a day by Sunday. Eek. I'll be back to my usual craziness by then as well.


Photo Story Friday

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

When I was a little girl, my mother and grandmother would take me out, deep into the Black Hills of South Dakota to pick blackberries, chock cherries, boysenberries, and wild raspberries. Then they would spend hours making jams and jellies to can and freeze. Yum. Seeing the blueberry picking pictures scattered across blogs in the last month bring back those fond memories. But I live in the city, so the closest we get to picking is the Farmer's Market. Sigh.

Then there is this collection of old bottles that sit in my kitchen window and conjures up another fond memory.
A memory of accompanying my mother and grandmother to pioneer homesteads speckling the hills to dig up vintage bottles, tins, and other treasures that were buried in make-shift trash holes or the remains of fire pits left behind by Pioneers.

I loved those excursions as much as my parents did; as they searched the surrounding area of a log cabin or shanty, I ventured into long abandoned building, often consisting of one open room with a door and a window. It was usually cool and dark, even in the summer heat, and smelled of earth and roots; as I disturbed the quiet, dust would float into beams of light streaming in through the cracks of lumbered walls. I imagined what it was like to be a pioneer and live in these primitive structures without running water, heat, electricity, sometimes even floors. As I pretended to live there I would listen for the sounds of another age.

Many of these cabins were built by those flocking to the Black Hills during the Great Gold Rush, only to quickly abandon them once funds ran out, winter became too difficult and no gold was discovered. Other settlers planted roots and started families during the Homestead Act around the 1860-80. [My history lessons escape me now days] They would create a garbage pits a few yards from their houses to dispose of their consumables. [because face it, there wasn't really trash service in the Pioneer days.] These hidden "pits" is what attracted modern-day "garbage hunters".

From the 1950s through the 1970s it became very popular to locate these venerable homesteads and find "buried treasures". Unfortunately, in the late 70s the Forest Service began to systematically burn down the remaining abandoned sites as they were beginning to attract too many tourists and, more so, became fire hazards in drought-like conditions.

I will always look at this collection of bottles and recall those adventures with my family. I can still feel air of one shanty, the dark shadows of a one-window shack with the earth as a floor, rotted boards scattered on the ground and the discovery of a nest of baby chipmunks. I can still see my mother digging into the soil with her shovel and later pulling out dirt encrusted glass medicine bottles and white milk-glass elixir jars.

Only a couple bottles on my window ledge have survived the years of change and remain from those long ago days of childhood. The rest have found their way to me through other means. but they still induce images that I will embrace forever.

Theme Thursday - Antique

I'm still here. Just very busy. Here's a sneak at my photo shoot for work as I prepare the newsletter for September. Apples and Honey. Mmm.

It's the hub's birthday tomorrow. (today - depending on where you are!) Harrison want's to make cupcakes. we'll see how they turn out!

And a couple pictures of "antiques" from around my house.

I love these pigs. I gave this photo of Lomo effect.

Remember this little guy? He took a flying leap off a shelf (ok, maybe he had some help from me.) I put him back together again - just like Humpty Dumpty; and just like the big egg, I'm sure he has a permanent headache. Oh, and check out that back injury. Eek.

Ok, so it's late but I wanted to check in. More after I'm past this deadline!

Check out Land of K.A for more antique-y-ness!

Far, Far Away...

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

I haven't had the good fortune to travel the world and I don't know if I will ever get to see Italy and Greece in person, the two places I so want to visit if no where else ever.

But a year after my mother passed away, I had an opportunity to join a mission trip to Latvia. I jumped on the chance and spent and incredible month in the Baltic country.

I am still in awe when I look at these pictures of The Three Brothers in Riga. They bring back so many vivid memories. I actually got to walk around both Riga and Talsi on photo walks. (only I didn't know how to use my borrowed camera at the time.)
To go into the full experience would warrant a short story and I won't bore you with the details.
But I came back I different person, rested, peaceful, healed. I would have loved to just stay there. I felt like I was in a Monet painting on a daily basis; lush green, quaint ponds with over-sized lily pads, beautiful building - some of which dating back to almost medieval times. Families and friends that would just pull all the chairs into the garden/yard for the evening to have dinner and fellowship; no elaborate planning just getting together and doing.

Everything was enhanced in my senses. The birds and insects created daily symphonies for my listening pleasure. I found myself watching the intricate habits of little bugs going about their business. I was fascinated with the very nature of this wonderful country. I thrived on the small markets with limited choices for food and other staples. I longed for a permanent place in the laid-back, slower-paced culture of this place.

But I wanted cold Coke too. They don't refrigerate their soda. I missed that.

I know that my senses were heightened due to the loss and subsequent period of grief I was emerging from. Only months before I felt a window open to my soul letting in fresh air as I passed the one year anniversary of my mother's death. Now it was time to start living again, and what better place to renew my spirit then Talsi, Latvia on a mission trip.

So after a day like today when daily stresses of life and motherhood try to steal my joy, I look at these and other pictures from that amazing month of my life.

I breath deep.

I remember the Baltic sea, the bus rides, the architecture, the cat in the window, the narrow cobblestone streets, the walks at dusk, the hazelnut spread, the cotton-soft white sand of the beach, the colorful flowers. Oh my gosh the flowers!

And then once again I take back my peace.

I guess you can call it my Happy Place.

So You Say it's Your Birthday!

Well it's my birthday too!

I had a picture that I wanted to scan and post today from a birthday party when I turned, maybe, eight-years-old; but I've torn up the house and I can't find it anywhere. So with that picture (and a long trip to the park today) went my original post story.

So instead I present to you a birthday cake made especially for me by the one-and-only Harrison!

How cute is that?!

In a short few minutes, the Guy I Dig will grill us some steaks for dinner and we'll just hang out the rest of the evening. When Harrison woke up this morning he came into my room, climbed on the bed and and jumped around singing Happy Birthday to me twice finishing it off with, "And not any more!"

That would be "And Many More!"

Then the G.I.D. made me coffee and breakfast in bed (although it was delivered to the sofa because Harrison wanted me to come downstairs right away.)

So if you are wondering what I got for my birthday, it's here.

And since I don't have the cute little picture from this party, except for the gift opening.
I leave you with proof that I loved cameras from a very young age...
Yep, that's skinny little me holding up a toy camera to my Great Uncle and older brother. I loved that toy camera, I wonder what happened to it? I remember that it was also a piggy bank. Dig those smiley face buttons! You can see my ORANGE one sticking out from under my arm.

Happy Birthday to me!

Crafty Tuesday - I Have a Secret...

I love Blurb.

Just simply love it.

And I made a little gift for Harrison's Godparents that I just have to share! (Hopefully they won't pop in over here because I haven't given it to them yet!) I started it before Christmas but had computer problem and other things that kept delaying me. But finally, I finished it and I just can't hide it anymore! I plan to make more for some family members - and keep one for us.

I also went to the local monthly antique flea market last weekend and found these cool vintage tin panels. I decided to put them up in the kitchen.

Since I didn't find a piece of furniture to repurpose into a chalkboard, these make a nice substitute on the kitchen wall and it doesn't feel as empty. [what it really needs is a good colorful faux paint finish - but we rent. 'nuff said.]

Once again, it's late and I have to retire! I have a mailing postcard, newsletter and event logo to put together/create in the next couple of weeks, so I may be somewhat M.I.A. If you don't find me here you can always check over at Pierce Baby Project. I'll still be posting pictures there, too.

Yeah that's right.

A lot of blank pages [and my birthday] to look at and conquer in the next few days.
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