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I had the pleasure of offering a photography based fundraiser for Harrison’s preschool this Spring (something that had been discussed with the parent committee since last year while Harrison still attended)and delivered 39 3x3 accordion books to the parents. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these little accordion books! I have three for Harrison now and I order them with a magnet closures which make them perfect for a mom or grandma to pop in her purse.


They were a HUGE hit and I plan to offer again next year.  Plus, a couple of parents have ordered additional books for family members from this year.


But… I wanted to add a little something to them, something to deliver and keep them in; but still cost effective since this was a fundraiser. I looked online and locally for a little bag to keep them in to no avail.

So what did I do?

I bought fabric in the color I liked and sewed not 10, not 27, but 39 little gift bags! 


The bags are so simple – just straight lines – I cranked them out within a couple hours including breaks.  And just in the nick of time, I might add, because  the day I started the bags the owner of my loaner sewing machine called and asked for the machine back .  Her four-year-old decided he was ready for a home-made cape! Can’t argue with that!

I guess it’s time to invest in a new sewing machine…


Wordless Wednesday | My Style

People often assume I'm this:

Although I always secretly wanted to be this:


in reality...

I'm this.

Just Sayin'

More WW here and here.

Crafty Tuesday

So a few months ago I had this eleventh hour, light bulb idea to sew gift bags for all of Harrison’s birthday party guests… not just make goodie bags; but personalize each one with the letter of their first name. Crazy. I know.

But they came out great and I only ended up with two extra. (Mainly because I didn’t want to take a chance on two people who RSVP’d “maybe”). Now I admit I am not savvy enough to come up with these on my own (let’s not forget my sewing machine woes) but I stumbled on them at Lovely by Design. And if you haven’t heard of Lovely by Design, go over and visit her (or her store) because it really is lovely.

I really wanted to make something that was reusable and personalized, something special for the day (especially since I had no control over any other aspect of a party at Chuck E Cheese) that could be used in the car or in some other way without quickly landing in the trash and off to the landfill.

 party gift bags web20110302-IMG_1250party gift bags-web-2

Inside was a pencil, mini composition book, a pencil sharpener [because I can’t tell you how many pencils we received this year!], Trader Joes fruit bar and a couple other small things.  They were a hit and really fun to make!

Oh, did I mention I made 27 of these puppies!!

Happy Crafty Tuesday!

Not Even the Crickets Stuck Around

I know, I've been absent, too absent. Even the crickets stopped chirping and the spider webs dissolved from neglect. (can spider webs dissolve?) Let's just say all signs of blog life had diminished.

But I came to the root of my problem!

I no longer have a laptop. It won't even start. 
This isn't new, it has been over a year since it's last big hurrah.

Yet that, my friends, is what truly started the downward spiral of my blogging existence. I try, really I do. But when I spend all day on the computer for everyone else, by the time I sit down to compose the blog post to go with the pictures I took, or share an experience or thought...  We'll let's just say it gets ugly in my mind's eyes.

Even now, I'd rather go eat hand fulls of Pringles chips rather then sit at this desktop another nano-second and type. Although that sofa over there is looking comfy...

I want my laptop back!!

What is even harder to believe is that Winter and Spring both blown through since I last blogged; and it's not like nothing is happening around here. On the contrary, much has happened, and I want to share, I will share.

I just want to tell you from the sofa.
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