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Da - Dum...





 Hello. My name is BRUCE!

Sunday Self #7

Another from the "Strenghth" mirror.

It Only Gets Better From Here

This is NOT my friend.

This is what's left of that phallic, aftermarket gearshift that broke two weeks ago. The mechanic called me to let me know the parts were FINALLY in; but an hour after I dropped the car off for the repair he called me back...

The shaft had been altered and the original threading is no longer there. Another part to order, another week to wait.

So he sent my home with this...

Kinda reminds ME of the robots from the movie - ROBOTS.

You don't see it? Imagine the red one - green.  Okay, okay. but I think so.

Alas, it's not a robot, it's a gear shift.

Oh man! I. am. so. Ghetto!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Torrance Maternity Photographer | A Blessing Way

I attended a Blessing Way for a good friend this past weekend. And [no pun intended] what a blessing! As one friend put it - it's like a shower without the dorky diaper cakes and storks on napkins. [and quite frankly, I don't miss the goofy games - I hate shower games - ANY shower games.]

Here are a couple pictures from the day.

We gifts of poems, special words, dancing, song and prayers, even a henna tattoo artist -then we ate!

Sunday Self #6

Spent the weekend shooting in full manual mode on the camera - about time...

A lot to catch up on!

My Coke Habit

The GID came home with a [glorious] case of Coke on Friday for our son's graduation party.


Well, I love it until I can't stand it, then I don't drink it for long periods of time. That is, until the GID comes walking through the door with case in hand.

Then it calls to me...I loooong for it... I sneak it at night... And I consume every last can and go buy more.

That's when I realize I have a "habit".

I try to maintain a coke-free environment; but the hubby seems to be supporting my "habit".

Ah, cold, refreshing {overlysweetenedhighfrutosecornsyrupyartificialycolorstoomuchcaffinatedrotyourstomacheatthroughmetal} Coke... bring it baby!

Snap! Fizz. Mmm.

Hello June!

And you thought Harrison was scary.

A look back at May - 365 style.

I can't believe it's June already! Things I'm looking forward to, a newborn photo shoot for a friend this week, City Yard Open House on Saturday and a blessing way on Sunday for a friend who is pregnant with her fourth child.
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