Is It Christmas Today?

Sunday morning Harrison awoke and called out to us, "Is it Christmas Today?"  

No, I answered.

"You said Christmas was after Halloween."

He's right, I did say Christmas came after Halloween. Obviously I wasn't clear on how soon after...

A couple quick (and blurry) poses as we rushed out of the house & shortly before the battery died (the spare at home, oops). 

He wanted to be a Knight Jedi.
No, not a Jedi Knight.
Trust me, there is a difference.

We went up the street to the local "Trunk or Treat" in a church parking lot - car trucks opened to trick-or-treat and a Jumper (i.e. Bouncer, Jump House, Inflatable).  Harrison trick-or-treated at three cars and headed straight for the jumper (that he remembered from his two hour jump fest last year).
"I have enough candy!" he declared as he darted.

Since Daddy came along this year, we talked him into coming out long enough for some traditional trick-or-treating up and down one block.
He boldly went up to each door, knocked loudly and yelled, "Trick or Treat!" in that adorable little-boy voice of his.  A couple houses [with lights on] didn't answer and finally at the last house he gave his last ditch effort and yelled "Trick Or TREE-EEET!" and then proceeded to have a short in-depth conversation about one of his toys with the woman who answered the door. 

Back down the street, we returned to the Trunk or Treat and closed it down - in the Jumper. Yup, two MORE hours of standing around meeting other nice parents waiting for their kids to work off sugar-highs in the Jumper. Guess what... the Jumper doesn't work.


All I have to say is next year He is carving the pumpkins!

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Puna said...

Very cute! He's going to save the universe!

HipMomma said...

The jumper just helps them build up their endurance.

Cute little man. I'm not familiar with costumes of this nature but did he add that helmet?

Megan said...

i love that "knight jedi" idea -- kids are so creative! i had to laugh at the xmas comment -- sounds like something my owen would say :).

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Love it! What a cute kid. Yeah, that jumper doesn't tire them out at all I've found. Darn it if it doesn't make my kid even more hyper!

Phyllis Sommer said...

isn't it funny when they make such clear statemnts about the costumes they want? no amount of discussion will ever change their minds....

Anonymous said...

=) He knows his own mind! lol!

L~ said...

crazy how they just know...we had a pumkin head, a princess with LAYERS of princess gear, a superman and a pirate...way too much candy, and they are running circles around me two days later - we need a jumpy castle in our yard, wait! We have a trapoline! You're right, they don't work.

Christina said...

A new header! Me likey. But why isn't this post on Harrison's blog?

Love it that he's ready for Christmas - bring it on!! He makes a very impressive Knight Jedi. And with that sort of never-ending energy, I bet he'd make a very successful REAL knight, too. ;o)

Never That Easy said...

Oh yes: you have to be specific with these little people, don't you? (We have a bunch of birthdays this time of year, so Lil Girl was expecting a birthday party, since it was 'after halloween'.)

I love his Knight Jedi idea... it's such an original costume.

Killlashandra said...

Ok, my son said the same thing the day after Halloween. He looked at me and said is it Christmas yet? LOL I'm glad mine wasn't the only one. ;) I think his interpretation of jedi knight makes for an excellent costume.

anita said...

Yes, I blogged! :) Thanks for your comment! That Harrison is on to something,right? Smart little guy.
Missed you guys this past week...Luke is getting over sickies, and I'm just starting mine. Whooo whoooo. :)

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