Just Another Day as a Mom

Truly, I don't make a fuss out of Mothers Day. I don't demand dinner out or expensive gifts. But the Guy I Dig goes out of his way to make my day easy. He makes me my favorite breakfast and our favorite dinner, he showers me with love all day what more can I ask for? 

I have nothing deep or meaningful to say today that I haven't said before. Only one thing...

Once again ~
I am Blessed


Cerulean Bill said...

I'm not a fan of Mother's Day, either. I tend to hold my hand over my heart, hum in a high tone, and then say, reverentially, Ah, Mothers Day! I told my daughter that, nothing personal, but since it was her coming into existence that made my wife a mother, I'd have to kill the daughter, thus ending it. My daughter says that wouldn't work, she'd still be a mother, but I said I was willing to take that chance.

On the other hand, recognition of the PERSON who happens to be a mother is perfectly awesome -- and apparently, so is your partner. Good for you!

Cara said...

Everyday is mother's day for me. My favorite gift is the random moments my son says to me, "Mommy I always love you."

At my house I always make Sunday breakfast, and did so on Mother's Day...that way we could actually eat it (LOL)!

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