Back in the Saddle Again

I took my old {beloved} sewing machine in for a repair estimate... That didn't go so well. Over $200 to fix it. No.


My friend found the manual to her sewing machine {one in my collection} and after one year, two months, a bit of frustration tears, and a few adjustments later, I have finally finished a project!

I do love how the bunting flags for Harrison's room came out.

But we've moved since I started them to hang in a different room. So now I've hung them over the closet doors, I'm still deciding if I like them there or on the wall with the maps.

Of course, I love the idea of hanging them out on the patio in the warm weather, too.

Oh it's so good to sew, I love the {almost} instant gratification of a finished product in my hand. It's really... therapeutic.I turned off the computer this weekend and focused on creating things and using my hands with Harrison. It was good.

I needed the break from all the constant stimulation (well, I did listen to Carla Bruni and Patricia Kaas, but that doesn't count). Summer is almost here and I'm actually looking forward to it.

So looking forward to it.


Country Girl said...

Our kids at school make these too! The art teacher taught them how to do it. They write things on the little flags.

Thanks for coming by my blog today.

I love interesting white space.

penandview said...

so glad you find your creativity in other parts of you. I love to sew too, when I get to it! I love the banner. Hope you are well!

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