Just Don't Call Me Late For Dinner... (or... how I haven't had time to blog but dream of blog posts and team-up anyway)

Call me missing in action; better yet reckless blog abandoner (if that's even a word). That's what you can call me. I have so many things happening and I just seemed to have lost all ability for multi-tasking (not that multi-tasking is even a trait worthy of having to begin with). Again, piles of Blog drafts that never get published. Ideas that get half-written and then something else pulls me away.

One of these days I'm going to bombard my blog with random posts that seem to come out of nowhere and you, my friends, will probably furrow your brow and twist your head sideways [like a small dog confused by a peculiar, new sound] and ...un-friend me on Facebook.

Then again, maybe not.
But be warned - randomness may just happen.

So this evening before I retire, I leave you with some diptych love. I have a great team-up partner who is so gracious with my crazy life as of late - each week she's halfway around the world getting ready to say goodbye to Thursday just as I get ready to say "hello". She hasn't fired me yet. Thank goodness. And once back from vacation with computer issues temporarily put to rest and deadlines held off for one more week, I wanted to post some backlogged images.

Because,even late,  I love diptychs.

Last week, August 19 was "BIG"  As Joanne's youngest child is heading to the University of Adelaide in Australia (on left) - it's big both physically and emotionally for both of them. The Sunday after returning from South Dakota, we had a family outing day that took us to a small local marine aquarium, tide pools and the Friendship Bell in San Pedro, CA (on right).

I was slow at getting the August 12 theme to Joanne and threw in the towel for that week. I had a work deadline that took priority over everything as soon as I returned to work the Monday after our vacation. But I love the theme, MORNING, I'm just NOT a morning-person. Hence the simplicity of my breakfast (bottom) as opposed to those yummy looking pancakes of Joanne's. (top) I want to go to her house for breakfast!
We obviously both think of food in the mornings.

The theme for August 5 was UP. I could do that! But I was [literally UP] in-air on Thursday and didn't get the images to Joanne until Saturday (during which time I was already starting the work catch up and didn't blog). I gave her the pick of Mt Rushmore (right - obviously) or an out the airplane window shot to choose from. How cool is the inside of Melbourne Central Shopping Center, Australia (left)! What a great shot. (it also sits well next to the Bell of Friendship, as I initially dyp'd the wrong two pictures together (not that "dyp'd" is a word either).

I was on it! I had the picture for the week of July 29's theme, DOORS, I tried emailing it to Joanne from South Dakota; but it didn't work. Bummer. Joanne is on the left and the view out of my Aunt's covered patio is on the right.

And just for the record, I sent my picture for this week's theme to Joanne on {oh yeah!} Saturday! (doing the white-man's overbite dance! Oh yeah.)

So I'll see you sometime tomorrow {or maybe Saturday} with this week's team-up Thursday theme!
I'll give you a hint...it's OLD.

Now go check our lovely host of Team-Up Thursday, Megan @ Mental Inventory.
Oh Yeah! [insert more bad dancing]...Oh Yeah! (and this, my friends, is why I haven't been blogging...)


Jessie said...

I love that you went back and posted each of your weeks. My favorite might be MORNING b/c I think of food right away too :) I can't wait to see OLD :)

Megan said...

those are some first-rate dips! so glad you shared...even tardy:). hope life slows down just a bit for you!

HipMomma-MelodyA. said...

Yay! I'm in.

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