Crafty Tuesday | One Year, Nine Months and Twenty Six Days Later...

I finally finished the bird mobile!

Only to find that in the time that has lapsed we have moved and now I don't have a final home for it.

When I walked into my husband's office {a.k.a. Man Cave} eyeballing a preexisting hook in the ceiling with step stool in hand, and mobile soon after, his only response was a heavy sigh and a defeated, "I knew this was going to happen".

I think he would have warmed up to the little birds had they been Garnet and Gold in color.

then again, maybe not.

Well, at least I finished Ah project.


Joanne said...

I love how colourful they are! I have only managed to make one bird, I love how they turn out!


Brenda Chance said...

Absolutely beautiful! you! Thanks for making the world easier on the eyes, one Rose-creation at a time.

Unknown said...

EEEEEE! I love me some birds, you know that! That is gorgeous. I have a hook in my "craft cave" if they get kicked out of the "Man Cave." :-)

Rose said...

Ahh, Brenda, thank you!

Carrie, I retrieved them from the man-cave (and I'm sure the Guy-I-Dig secretly did the happy dance)and they are hanging in the corner of the livingroom deemed my office area.

penandview said...

I absolutely LOVE these. I just want the bunch to line them up on my self. Not sure if you know that I love bird stuff. I have a real nest sitting on my mantel and other little birds around my house. I think I need to pay you to make me these so I could add them to my collection!

Christina said...

oh my gosh!!!! that is the coolest thing ever. Seriously, I'm in love. that result is totally worth one year, 9 months and 26 days. :o)

Jen Graham said...

Oh they came out so pretty!

Which machine did you end up using to make them?

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