How Non-Bakers Make Coffeecake

Start with easy, store-packaged  [just add an egg, etc.] coffeecake mix.
Read ingredients and instructions half way through while listening to five-year-old talk.
Start putting it together with five-year-old’s help.
Melt [last] of the stick butter – as instructed by cake box instructions
Let five-year-old pour in cake mix, milk and egg and start mixing
Read ingredients for cinnamon crumb topping
Realize there is not enough stick butter left for the “crumble”
Employ Bright Idea!
Get tablespoon to scoop out some butter and put in ice cube tray to harden again
Grab spreadable butter and add a tablespoon back to cake mix
Stop five-year-old from opening the egg over the floor
Add another tablespoon butter
Stop five-year-old from adding egg shells to cake mix
Add another tablespoon butter
Let five-year-old stir cake mix
Realize there is A LOT of butter in bowl.
Make the cinnamon crumble mix
Add frozen butter – phew!
Look at lump of dough in cake mix bowl
Read box again – “do not over mix
Knead dough into baking pan
Add cinnamon crumble
Pop into oven
Drink Coffee...
coffee cake

and bask in the glory of success!

Happy Sunday!


the gypsy chick said...

;) very cute! my 3 yr. old & i made oatmeal cookies the other day from scratch... i was so impressed with myself because it was the first time since i can remember that fresh baked cookie didn't come from a cookie log :)

penandview said...

yep. sounds equal to my experiences. But it looks good!
So sorry to hear that you have been sick. That is ugly stuff you got.
Feel better friend.

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