Me and You

To the Guy-I-Dig,

On a warm, Spring evening 13 years ago I got a message on my machine about a job offer. I didn’t call you back right away because I had accepted a different position and who were you to call me months after I applied anyway? (yah, I’m groovy like that some days.)

Only you weren’t who I thought you were. I found that out when I finally called back to be polite and let you know I wasn’t interested. That’s when I found out you were calling for a completely different reason – because my friend had referred me to you and, well,  I had forgotten.

We hit it off on the first phone call.

Then I met you in person, you were handsome – I could see that right away – even through the sunglasses and ball cap.
Oh, and I how had this thing for ball caps!
But what threw me was when I shook your hand,
it was like… MAGIC.

Every corny movie, every annoying spoken cliché {that I so hated} came flooding in at me like a tsunami and I immediately dismissed it. Then, the next week I saw your eyes for the first time. Your captivating, beautiful, green eyes.  And my heart skipped a beat. I can only assume that must be the “I knew” moment people often talk about.  Only, I’m a skeptic.

But God knew.

Me & You

God knew the only one for me was you.
…and 13 years later you are still the only one for me. I love you more than ever and I’m So Happy {we’re} Together. 

And boy, am I glad I called you back 13 years ago.

the girl-you-dig


Scott said...

awwww. :) I love baseball caps too.

penandview said...

oh my gosh, i didn't realize that i was signed in as my husband! Ha! Now that might cause some Valentines waves.
It was me. Tracey!

Christina said...

aww Rose, that was the sweetest! Love it. <3

Arizaphale said...


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