All The Rage..

A few months ago I discovered it’s a perfect platform to make and keep inspiration boards - without a gazillion bookmarks that I never seem to refer back to again. I can pin my own pictures, inspirational photography, pictures from yummy recipes, of home decorating, crafting ideas – you name it. I love it.

my pinterest close up

You can also browse and re-pin images from other Pinterest members. 
Such was the case last month, right before the Fourth of July when I stopped by one afternoon and was greeted with ONE very popular pinned picture. 

Apparently some pins are super-uber-popular…

most popular pin today
I can honestly say I didn’t follow suit by pinning it; but then I don’t think I’ll ever have a problem finding this picture again.
As for the person who made this image, I’m pretty sure they are feeling the LOVE! 

If you are want to know more about Pinterest, Megan over at SortaCrunchy (I love that name because I’m sorta crunchy- but not…)  wrote a post on the beginner's guide to Pinterest.  And if you want an invite, leave me your email in the comments, I’ll send you one.

BTW, I have started responding to comments within my comments (does that make sense?) Because it’s the best way I can respond quickly and efficiently. Something I should have done long ago when I had more than three readers; but hey. I’m moving forward from here!
Happy Wednesday!

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Cara said...

I love pintrest too!

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