Apparently I've Been Under a Rock

The other evening I went to the store to get pizza and ice cream. (We love the 20% off pizza on Friday deal at the local market.) Then I observed something strange - no, annoying... like all consumers, I have watched the price of groceries go up over the last few months and in some cases, rise drastically in weeks.

But it seems I had not bought ice cream since about July and as I stood there gazing at the many choices (knowing I would end up with vanilla) I noticed it.

It was troubling.


Out right WRONG.

The Dreyers ice cream container was SMALLER.
Exceptionally smaller!

Then I looked over at the Breyers Ice cream. Oh yeah, not as noticeable but definitely smaller; and to add insult to injury, it's not cheaper - it's more expensive! (although I bought it on sale)

Now right there, I knew the logic behind it. Reduce the container size rather then take up the price. But the price is up and the container is smaller and I feel cheated and insulted! (of course, I only buy it on sale anyway - but that's not the point.)

I admit, I am one of those people that would rather pay more for the same size then be left feeling that the manufacturers are using sneaky tactics in cutting back the amount they give me for the same (original) price.

Evidently, I am not the only one insulted by this discovery, it seems I was just the last to find out as I read in a couple articles about it.

Maybe I should start an ice cream revolt!

Yeah, that would work - as well as boycotting buying gas for your car did.

I think I'll go have a bowl of ice cream.


Brittany said...

It IS very VERY annoying. But what can ya do? Gotta cream. ;)

Kat said...

You want to hear something REALLY sad? We had a huge ice cream manufacturer (ever heard of Zurheide's ice cream?) in town close down because the ingredients they used became too expensive to make their product. They didn't want to raise their prices so high and they didn't want to use lower quality ingredients so the CLOSED their factory and a million years! We were devestated.
So sucky. :(

imbeingheldhostage said...

That's sacrilege! Ice cream shouldn't be messed with. Same thing with cereals. My poor hubby fell for it too when he came home cheerfully showing his prize of the day and then I pointed out that the cereal box that once held 15 oz and had gone to 11oz was now only 8! It's terrible, people are probably wondering why they have to shop so often.

Michelle said...

This shrinkage issue is annoying. I noticed it happening because the stores had to put out the new smaller sizes next to the old boxes (that cost the same).

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