Theme Thrusday - Ornery times Two

I am convinced these Pelicans are distant cousins of the vulture. Both species of birds have that ugly looming look about them and the both tend to be scavengers - at least the pelicans I come in contact with on a weekly basis.

You see, these birds are the vultures of the pier, they defiantly sit in rows, perched at the edge of nail-covered roofs [rebelling against the very purpose the nails were put there - to keep them off] and wait for the fishermen to turn their back and then try to swoop in and steal the freshly caught fish. Forget scooping them out of the sea, that's for Finding Nemo, why work when you have a fisherman's pier at your disposal?

And for fun when the fishing is not going so well, they look for innocent bystanders to bird-scream at, toy with, and worse, excrete on.

Oh yes my friends, that ugly sucker POOPED on me. And I swear I heard him laugh.

I wasn't even aware of what happened to me. I thought I felt something as I turned to take a picture, then I saw it, all down the front of my [black] shirt and continuing down the entire length of my pants. I do count myself lucky, the fiend missed my head. HA! Back at ya, bird!
I know he was aiming for that.

Thankfully, one of the lingering joys of having a child and still carrying a backpack for him -- babywipes. They cleaned me right up in no time.

Anyone have a BB gun?


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Anonymous said...

Nails in their booties and they don't care! Love that last shot.

Stacy said...

Oh no he didn't!! Yes, I bet he was laughing darnit. Great shots of them, though!

Killlashandra said...

Oh that's terrible! I've ever found them to be attractive birds and sometimes I really think they're just another form of albatross. Proven by bird pooping on your shirt!

Although, they are good pictures. ;)

Cara said...

I can not believe they still sit there with all those nails. The picture are great!

mandaroo63 said...

ugh! LOL I posted about scavengers too this week, but they were turkey vultures....great pictures, you're so lucky to live so close to the beach.

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