Do See What I See?

We read the classic book "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry to Harrison last year. And tonight we popped in the 1974 movie version, borrowed from the local library.

I had no idea what to expect outside of the fact that a) it was based on the classic book and b) it was rated G. I commented to the G.I.D. that the beginning credits sounded like a musical overture.

It was a musical overture.

Within the first few minutes the characters broke into song; but that wasn't the best part - Oh no...

Half way through the movie I discovered that the 'snake' was portrayed by non other then Bob Fosse; have I ever mentioned how I LOVE the choreography of Bob Fosse? No?

I LOVE the choreography of Bob Fosse! So I was unexpectedly treated to a dance sequence performed by the man, himself! It made the movie worth watching for me.

And then the G.I.D. said something out loud that was beginning to form in my mind. As true Fosse style as the dance moves were, they were also familiar and in a different way...

"He looks like Michael Jackson there." my husband stated. "all the say down to the hat and white socks."
Oh. My. Gosh! I never saw it before!

Do you think that a 16-year-old Micheal Jackson watched this movie and was influenced by Bob Fosse's interpretation of a snake? Because somehow I don't see Mr. Bob {eight-time-Tony-Award-winner} Fosse callling up the Jackson's home and saying, "Hey, Michael show me some of your cool moves that will some day make you famous..."


Seriously, Micheal Jackson was probably heavily influenced by Fosse's style. And why not? He is still one of the most "innovative and influential choreographers of the 20th Century". Michael had good taste.

We're obviously not the only people who noticed the incredible likeness between this Fosse routine and Michael Jackson's dance. Check them out side by side:

Now I understand why I always loved Michael's dancing.

RIP Michael.

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