An Epiphanie - Quite Literally

So was in the Las Vegas airport after WPPI checking in for my flight back to SoCal when a person walked up behind me. He looked at me and glanced down at my open messenger bag and back at me and I smiled at him.

The person was Doug Gordon, a well-known, very talented wedding photographer out of New York. I had attended his class at WPPI and enjoyed it {as well as encouraged by it}, but I wasn't about to fall back into Lameville (with a capital L) and say, "Hi, I saw your class, you're great, and funny, yadda, yadda, yadda" No I was done stretching outside my comfort zone and/or feeling like a dweeb with some dorky thing coming out of my mouth in the three second time frame I would have with this person.

Why the story. The Bag. I took my camera to WPPI by way of messenger bag. My lenses, camera body, flash were all protected within the Shootsac shoved into the messenger bag for travel to Vegas; but on the way back, I wanted the camera ready to possibly take pictures. So when The Doug Gordon looked down toward my bag, he possible caught a glimpse of said camera [safely tucked in the top] sitting there in my not really looking like a camera in a camera bag at all and I projected forward what he might be thinking. Judgement, Judgement, Judgement!

As if he had time or energy to really go there.

At that moment I had an epiphany, I need a new camera bag - one that can double as a purse as well, because seriously, fanny packs are SO LAST CENTURY! - Oh yeah, that's another story...

So let me say this,  
Have you seen all the beautiful new products and contest for pro photographers on

If not check them out because not only do they have really cool stuff, they're giving away an Epiphany bag!
Seriously, don't these photos just make you want to go buy one? I do.

I always think, it's time to get a grown up purse - I'd love to have one that allows me to have my camera with me all. the. time.  Oh that RED one - COME TO MAMA!

Now if that isn't enough, Epiphany has a contest going on and today is the last day! Talk about the eleventh hour for me to share [I've been busy].

They are giving away a a choice of a Canon 5D Mark II or a $2500 gift certificate for Southwest Airlines!

No way! I'm a teeny-tiny fish in a big pond and I'm just not a gambler, but seriously folks, to not enter the contest would be just, plain silly. Especially since they really have a great line of camera bags! (That I would buy right now if I could...)

WHEN I do get that bag, I will need a 5D Mark II to put in there right next to my new 24-70 L lens!

And what was the only picture that I got while on my way home that warranted me having access to my camera and thinking I'm being judged for my carrying options...
A picture of an airplane for Harrison.

Hey, Doug! Next time I run into you at an airport, I'll be looking stylish with my totally hip camera bag. Then again, maybe I'll just look at you again and hope that nothing lame comes out of my mouth.

Some things never change.

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