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"Mom" is a perfect word this week as it rides in on the coattails of Mother's Day. Oh, I love that my partner Down Under played with the {Australian} slang version of it with her picture of {in her words} ChrysantheMUM's!

And what possibly goes better with Chrysanthemums then... Woodenmums! Or Wooden Moms.

On a side note, between work and news, I didn't get to visit blogs or even post last week. It's strange how bad news comes in waves (like celebrity deaths in threes) after getting news of  friends diagnosed with mesothelioma and leukemia (and still praying from them continually), I got news that an old friend had been killed in a head on car accident by a DUI suspect fleeing from the police. Yes, one of those high speed chases we've all seen on TV. Ironically, he was staunchly against drinking.

A sobering reminder that our lives are short and we never know when we may be taken home to our Maker. This friend was passionate about life and loved extreme sports. He was incredibly intelligent and had a successful career in technology. He was also passionate about God and a fierce competitor when playing games. I will always remember our games nights when we were all young and single. It got to the point that he and I always had to be on the same team otherwise there could have been bloodshed - true story! Apparently, I get pretty competitive as well.  We also butted heads over other topics of conversation; but like I said, he was passionate and it always worked itself out.

I will always smile at those crazy, heated times - they will always stir up good memories of him. As one friend said, "it's sad that so many will have to settle with that much less of him in their lives".

So true.

Rest in Peace, Scott

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Megan said...

sorry to hear about your rough week. it's nice that your diptych is light-hearted:). i loved those wooden playmobile people! my mom saved our sets from childhood, so my boys got to play with them at gramma's (even though those wooden-mums are considered choking hazards now;).

Jen said...

I love that both of you thought outside the box for your theme. I am so sorry to hear about your friend.

Arizaphale said...

Rats. For some reason I can't see your graphics :=( I might have to update 'flash' and return. So sorry to hear about your friend too.

mandaroo63 said...

Sorry for your loss...
The photos colors go perfectly together, funny how that happens so randomly. Love them both!

Jessie said...

I am so sorry about your friend. On a lighter note I just love both of these shots. I agree that it is very cool that you both thought outside of the box. Nice week!

Christina said...

So sorry about your friend, Rose. :o( Those reminders are hard...but a blessing, too. I've been reminded this week too that God is in control...but in a good way for me!!

Anyway, I love those mamas! I wish there were that many of me to tackle the to-do list. ;o)

Amy Jo said...

Sorry to hear about your week. The humor in your photo speaks of your resilience, though.

joa2307 said...

Sorry to hear about your sad week. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
I love your photo of the wooden-mums (such cute yellow hair!).

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