Seeing the Light

Every other week or so Harrison announces that he misses or wants to move back to our old house.  I admit I miss it too - if not for the space,or the inspirational rooms - then for the light. And let me tell you, there was a lot of gorgeous light in that house.

Since moving, we have light in our new home; but not like before. We even have west facing windows ; but finding when that light gives the warm, creamy results that I love so much has been tricky. But on Saturday at 2:00 pm, after receiving a package in the mail, we pulled out the camera to (as always) document a moment.

Yup. That's the moment. 

Then Harrison wanted to take pictures and I had a thought; it's been a while since I took a self portrait [a REAL self portrait] and, HEY, this light is nice. Yes, after eight months, I finally found my "happy place" light in our new home!

Harrison took this picture. Not too bad!

Ironically, when I sat down at my computer yesterday I happened to catch an update from Me Ra Koh in my Facebook News Feed about an upcoming blog post covering how to take a good bio/head shot picture and I responded. I know, huh. - I rarely do that!

{really freaking} long story - short, Me Ra is spotlighting 10 different women on her blog tomorrow with their head shot/bio pic photo recipe and I'm one of them!


I guess good light pays off!


Christina said...

awesome! you're a superstar! can't wait to see.

penandview said...

well look the beautiful you! :) So good to "see you". :)
My house has terrible light. I am always heading outdoors. Sigh.

Melody said...

Oh snap you, you are gorgeous.

Harrison is taking me waaaay back to my childhood. I loved those wax lips. Wait, his are plastic aren't they? Well, the result for me was the same. Hey Harrison, you are a handsome dude...even with vampire lips and teeth.

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