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No, not that.
A week from today I will shoot my first wedding. I wasn't looking to do wedding photography; but along this path, it found me. A friend of mine has followed my photography adventure and asked if I did weddings - or would do a wedding. Her wedding to be exact.

I've known Brittany for several years but I only had the privilege to finally meet  her fiance', Joel,  the day we met up to take some engagement photos - at the tail end of the engagement! He has just moved back from New York with only a month to spare and has been thrust into the whirlwind world of wedding detail finalizing. A task he has embraced with all the energy and zeal only a happy-in-love man will!

Brittany and Joel met in 2004 right before Joel left for New York to pursue his graduate degree and Brittany went back to school to pursue her graduate degree here on the West Coast. Thousands of phone calls, emails, video chats, text messages, late nights and frequent-flier miles later they are back in the same city on the same coast and ready to start their life together.

...And happy-in-love they are!

They both love Old Hollywood and classic movies so how perfect that Joel proposed to Brittany at the   the historic Culver Hotel in downtown Culver City on a warm September evening in 2009. It was a blast to go back to where it all happened for some engagement pictures and relive the moment in style - Old Hollywood Style.
 Brittany and Joel, thanks for a fun creative day of play! I can't wait until next Sunday! I know it will be an awesome day and I'm excited about being a part of it!

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Unknown said...

Gorgeous, Rose! That is the song that our new addition to our family walked down the aisle to last week. One of my faves.

Christina said...

oh how awesome, Rose! very exciting to do your first wedding, and even better for it to be with a longtime friend. These engagement pictures are so full of personality. Love it! (and love Brittany's skirt, too)

Cara said...

These are gorgeous Rose, I love the slide show. You have a great eye! I was asked to do a wedding recently but just couldn't take that leap yet.

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