Not Even the Crickets Stuck Around

I know, I've been absent, too absent. Even the crickets stopped chirping and the spider webs dissolved from neglect. (can spider webs dissolve?) Let's just say all signs of blog life had diminished.

But I came to the root of my problem!

I no longer have a laptop. It won't even start. 
This isn't new, it has been over a year since it's last big hurrah.

Yet that, my friends, is what truly started the downward spiral of my blogging existence. I try, really I do. But when I spend all day on the computer for everyone else, by the time I sit down to compose the blog post to go with the pictures I took, or share an experience or thought...  We'll let's just say it gets ugly in my mind's eyes.

Even now, I'd rather go eat hand fulls of Pringles chips rather then sit at this desktop another nano-second and type. Although that sofa over there is looking comfy...

I want my laptop back!!

What is even harder to believe is that Winter and Spring both blown through since I last blogged; and it's not like nothing is happening around here. On the contrary, much has happened, and I want to share, I will share.

I just want to tell you from the sofa.


penandview said...

I have wondered where you went off to?? :) Know that you are missed!

Arizaphale said...

Hi Rose! Remember me? We are the remaining few I think and I, like you, do not get time or motivation to move into the blogging space as much anymore. Hoping a few comments will be an inspiration for you. I loved your playlist that time.

Nancy said...

My laptop died some time ago, and I'm using the old Dell desktop now, which actually performs better than the laptop did.

Hope you get your computer situation rectified soon. Would love to hear what you've been up to. :)

Rose said...

@Arizaphale, YES I remember you! And, yes, the bloggy comment love is motivating! I've ordered a laptop so I will no longer be chained to a desk too long and be more comfortable with blogging (including visiting blogs).

@Tracey, thank you! I've missed blogging but it just keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the to-do list (and I only have one child...)

Thank you, Nancy@ARuralJournal, I hope to be back to fully blogging soon. It's not like I haven't had anything to share! lol

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