Crafty Tuesday

So a few months ago I had this eleventh hour, light bulb idea to sew gift bags for all of Harrison’s birthday party guests… not just make goodie bags; but personalize each one with the letter of their first name. Crazy. I know.

But they came out great and I only ended up with two extra. (Mainly because I didn’t want to take a chance on two people who RSVP’d “maybe”). Now I admit I am not savvy enough to come up with these on my own (let’s not forget my sewing machine woes) but I stumbled on them at Lovely by Design. And if you haven’t heard of Lovely by Design, go over and visit her (or her store) because it really is lovely.

I really wanted to make something that was reusable and personalized, something special for the day (especially since I had no control over any other aspect of a party at Chuck E Cheese) that could be used in the car or in some other way without quickly landing in the trash and off to the landfill.

 party gift bags web20110302-IMG_1250party gift bags-web-2

Inside was a pencil, mini composition book, a pencil sharpener [because I can’t tell you how many pencils we received this year!], Trader Joes fruit bar and a couple other small things.  They were a hit and really fun to make!

Oh, did I mention I made 27 of these puppies!!

Happy Crafty Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I adore this project! I just learned how to sew draw string bags a few months ago and my son has requested that I make him a few more for all his treasures.

I know the kids at the party probably LOVED them. Good job! :)

Jen said...

Those turned out so cute!! I ALWAYS appreciate eco friendly/reusable party favors.

Rose said...

Michelle, aren't they fun to make! and so easy, too. Especially for someone sewing-challenged like me!

Jen, thank you! So true, I really wanted something eco-friendly. Harrison has received so many little plastic, disposable bags from birthday parties.

I forgot to mention that they were a big hit with the kids for holding the Chuck E Cheese tickets and tokens while playing games!

Unknown said...

I love them! What a great way to use up scraps of fabric, too! 27...sounds like a crazy idea I would get.

Welcome back!! I'm so glad you are here again!

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