Crafty Tuesday–I Don’t Need No Silly Sewing Machine!

So the sewing machine is gone from it’s little corner of the dining room for a couple months now.  But that hasn’t stopped me from crafting from fabric.
It also has been no secret that moving was hard on all of us; but I’m a believer of making lemonade out of lemons. At least I try…  Along those lines, I needed to make something cute and cheery for my circa 1970’s kitchen (I am of the belief that the 70’s was  not a good decade in the way of Kitchen design… although I know there are some who love avocado green appliances). 
So to give my little 70’s apartment kitchen a little pizazz of it’s own (that doesn’t include the badly needed cabinet redux) I made more bunting flags – because they really make me happy.


Since I couldn’t sew them, I folded my fabric in half and cut triangles at the fold and then ironed double-sided fusing to the inside, I folded them over twine and ironed them again to seal them and they were ready to hang.

I love walking into the bright light of the kitchen and seeing those little fabric bunting flags hanging over the sink.




Yara said...

Those are super cute!
I'm working on flags right now. Gonna go ahead & sew them, though ; )

HipMomma said...

Ok, who wouldn't smile after seeing those. I love it. Very, very crafty.

Rose said...

Thank you Hip Momma!

Yara, sewing is more convenient - true.

Unknown said...

Love them! I have a stack of sweet scraps waiting for a bunting too. I may move it up on the project list after seeing yours! Great work.

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