Redondo Beach Portrait Photographer | Wordless Wednesday | Portraits in Black and White

Sometimes I need to put everything aside and be creative.

Sometimes “being creative” is just spending time on an image in the “digital darkroom”.

Converting to black & white and color tones or adding texture and grain, like my film days.

justaddcolorPortraitsboy in hatjustaddcolorPortraitsjustaddcolorPortraitsb&wCulver_Hotel_justaddcolorPortraitsjustaddcolorPortraits

I forget just how passionate I am about black and white images.
…and how powerful they can be.

Want some REAL B&W inspiration? check out this link, eight famous black and white photographers.

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Lisabella Russo said...

Those are so gorgeous! I love black and white photography and it is relatively rare these days even though it is something that can be done on the computer. Beyond that I feel like you really captured the feeling of the people you photographed quite well as well.

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Black and White photos make a picture seems to have so much more character and history to them! Love these!

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