A Good Year

Who knew that February and March was so popular for birthdays! Harrison turned 3 on Tuesday and he was sandwiched between a little blonde cute-E on one side only a day older... and Brittany from Mommee and Her Boys on the other side!

Brittany posted 25 things on the day she was born and as I read them, I QUICKLY and easily identified what year she was born! You see, it's one of those years that defines as us individuals and sets the paving stones to who we will become.

Here's a hint of what I was doing the year that she was born...ripped from the yearbook pages!M*A*S*H, E.T. and some of the best pop music ever! Our entire school dressed up for the M*A*S*H finale phenomenon! That's me, in front - President of Drama Club and One-act Play Director.
Photography class - not my best side!

Brittany was born in 1983, one of the best years ever!

And a great year to graduate High School!



If you haven't done so, go wish her a belated happy birthday!


Brittany said...

ROSE! Omg! That was the nicest ever. And... look at you H O T MAMA! Seriously. You were (are still) stunningly beautiful!!

Thank you! You made my day!! :)

Christina said...

I love seeing highschool you!! Brittany's right - cute, cute, cute!

Kat said...

That's fabulous! What great pics!

My hubby was working outside one evening last fall when a boy was walking home from the high school two blocks from our house. My hubby asked him why he was first getting home so late and the boy explained he had football practice. My hubby then told him that he played football at that high school too and that he graduated in 1989. The kid looked shocked and said, "That's the year I was BORN!".
The hubby came in the house with his head hung low. hehe

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