Crafty Tuesday

My friend Carrie has a weekly Crafty Tuesday theme. Well this week, I thought I would join in. I've had this up on my easel for some time. I mean SOME TIME.

I've been wanting to paint a picture of my grandparents home but first, it was very emotional for me for the last year and second, I haven't painted for a VERY long time. It's not like riding a bike to me. I have forgotten some of my techniques! I used to be able to mix paint perfectly and get the exact color I needed. I've lost my touch and in turn, the canvas just sits and waits for me to - Just Do It.

The other morning, as we were about to go downstairs, Harrison turned and went into the craft room and asked to paint. Okay.

Here is the "frog" he painted.

I began to straighten up my work space as he started painting; he stopped, looked at me and said, "Mommy, paint on yours paper!" I obliged, as I often do. (because he has good ideas.)
Here's how far I got...

Then I realized I have NO Hunter Green - NO green at all! I don't want to mix ALL my greens shades from yellow and blue so I'll have to wait a little while longer.

I'll keep you informed!


Anonymous said...

You go! I can't wait to see it done. I'll be waiting...

Daryl said...

Nothing is harder for me then making that first stroke on that nice clean canvas/paper ... even gesso'ing my canvases back in the day was hard .. it meant making a decision about the color of the background .. til a friend told me it was okay not to add color to the gesso.. aaah ..

I sit in admiration of your wide expansion of blue sky and ochre ground/sand ... go get some Hunter Green ..


Stacy said...

I'm sure it will look fabulous when you're done. Keep it it!

Christina said...

I can't wait to see your progess! I've never been a painter, but I think it'd be quite fulfilling.

Norah Jones is playing on your site today - one of my faves!

Melissa Stover said...

oh how fun! i love the smell of paint.

Unknown said...

Oh, it is my fave Dave Matthews song playing right now...nice!

I love seeing the progress - that is almost better (almost!) than the finished product!

It is a great start....and Harrison's frog is perfectly GREEN!

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