Theme Thursday - Flowering

Did you miss me?

Here's what someone termed "bottle-brush" flowers. They were so right! Which one of you said that? Anyway, I took this a few weeks ago in the back yard, I missed an opportunity to photograph the wild Rose bushes; and as we move into late Spring my flowers are starting to disappear. [I'm sure it doesn't help that I don't have a green thumb.]

A lot has been flowering [figuratively] around here; and because of that blogging just had to take a back seat for a while. I've needed a new computer for some time now, I spent most evenings going back and forth between my computer and the G.I.D.'s computer to upload pictures, process photos, check emails, do work and blog.

I ran out of steam.

But now I have a new computer! [with working bracket keys AND other miscellaneous keys that WORK!] Now I need to re-train myself to type again. I've become a master of pressing my right shift-key while selecting the question mark, colon, quotes, and to capitalize my Ps at the same time!

How cool is that!? I ordered it on Monday and it arrived on Friday before Memorial day!

[So now I can do this till I'm on hog-heaven!] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ It use to just get stuck doing that - there was that day I came home from work and found 26 pages of just the left bracket. Not anymore!

[and this - PPPPPPPPP]

It's great.

We moved Big Brother's computer to his room - he's a happy teenager getting to hole-up in his room now. He often plays guitar while checking out some guitar tabs or songs online. He is already an incredible guitar player and can figure out most songs by ear.
Now he doesn't have to tote the guitar up and down the stairs any longer.

And I got to reclaim my desk. I've been working at the dining room table (and any where else that would work) and I was tired of the business stuff spilling out into the dining room all the time.

Let's see how long I keep my desk clear...

The only downer to all this excitement is that my PS Elements is not compatible with Windows Vista as well as my scanner. Ugh!! I have to figure out what to do about the Photoshop, I've wanted to upgrade for a while...we'll see. The scanner can just stay plugged into my laptop - no big deal.

In the mean time, I'll be sitting here in the evenings with my GID sitting right across the room from me, typing away on work and play, yeah!

Head over to Stacey's to see more flowering today, I know I am now!


Kat said...

Yes, you were missed!
Yeah for a new computer, with working keys, a clean desk, and a happy teenager! Woohoo!!!

And that flower is amazing!

Stacy said...

Sorry, Rose, my spam blocker got ya! I found them - it seems to grab peoples stuff on Theme Thursday, so if it does it again, just wait and I'll find it. :)

Love that flower - thats unique, wierd AND pretty!

Congrats on your new computer, too. It seems to be an epidemic of bloggers needing new computers.

Christina said...

Yes, I did miss you! I was just yesterday wondering what had happened to you. Congrats on the new computer!!! My new one (from January) has Vista, and it works with Elements 2.0??? If you'd like, I can send that to you now that I have the big program.

And that flower, SO weird and cool and unique!

Brittany said...

I missed you, too!!! Glad the computer is back.

Wanna come clean my "work" area??? ;)

Anonymous said...

Is that really what it's called? Very cool.

My computer is in the shop. $300 to fix a hard drive. Gulp. But it's not that old so we are going to pay it and hope that that's only thing it needs for awhile.

Daryl said...

Vista is a suck-o OS .. but I do believe there's a way around it... check on Google for some of the support group forums.


Maggie said...

Wow - that is lots going on! And what cool flowers...I've never seen anything like that!

Anonymous said...

congrats on they new computer and the flower picture is beautiful! We have spring fever too!

Unknown said...

We have a bottle brush tree, too! I love them.

[[[HOORAY for new computers!]]]]

And I am so insanely jealous of your neat desk right now!

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