Photo Story Friday - Welcome to My Office

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

MamaGeek invited me to participate in Photo Story Friday a couple weeks ago and then, as it goes - life happened. But today I share my husband's office - no not the one with all the paperwork piled up. The one he drives to each weekend. The one that he met and hired me to work at.

This is the shady tree at my husband's office. It's a beautiful old oak tree that sits on a hill above the stage he works on every weekend, it provides us shade while we are working in 100 degree weather entertaining people that have come to have lunch at their company picnic.

I took this picture of couple of weeks ago, when my husband stopped by his "weekend office" to show some friends. Now that we have Harrison, I don't go up to help in the "office" as often as I previously did, but it was certainly nice to go visit this old friend. It brings back a lot of memories of meeting the Guy I Dig and falling in love. We were almost married under this tree - but since we were married in December, wedding plans took us in a different direction.

Since I don't have a better camera, my point and shoot doesn't give the size and grandeur of this tree justice. I can say that when there isn't a picnic taking place in the area, it is a peaceful deposit in an otherwise noisy, hot, chaotic theme park. We spent many an afternoon between events laying under this shady tree gazing up at the blue sky and talking about life.

Lyin’ under a shady tree, you and me
Under a shady tree, you and me
Can you feel the breeze blow by?
Can you feel it on your face?
This is our special place.
Under a shady tree, you and me…
Can you feel the soft cool grass?
Can you feel it with your toes?
We can sit here while it grows.
Under a shady tree, you and me…
If you want to close your eyes
And sleep beneath the tree
You can rest your head on me.
Under a shady tree, you and me
Under a shady tree, you and me…

~ Laurie Berkner


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

That tree is beautiful and I'd LOVE to have that for an office. There is just something about trees that I find fascinating - this one is beautiful!

I am glad you played. Is this a new blog? I don't recall this one before - I love the design of it!

Cecily R said...

I want that office!! It's exactly the kind of tree that when I was little I dreamed of writing my first novel under. And then when I wasn't there I would be on the porch of my beach house. I was such a romantic sap. Okay, I still am. I still dream about the same things...

Great PSF addition! So glad to have you playing!!

imbeingheldhostage said...

It looks like a tree in a Fairy story! Lovely PSF.

Cara said...

Love the tree, I would love to have my office there!
Love the Laurie Berkner reference, totoally love her music (for mykids of course).

United Studies said...

Now I could see myself sitting under that tree reading a good book and sipping some ice tea.

Anonymous said...

That's the kind of tree I want at my house. Something big enough so I can teach the kids (when they come eventually) how to climb it.

Daryl said...

If I could have a tree, I would want that one


KG said...

That photo makes me want to lie in teh grass with a (hard) lemonade in hand.

Also - I like the name Harrison. Not sure if I told you that before or not, but sadly, it would sound UBER dumb with my last name.

Andi said...

This is magical...your photo and words. I am going to look up Laurie Berkner since I am not familiar at all with her. My daughter LOVES trees...she even has a tree tatoo (she went on her own on her 18th birthday, but I do love it...) The gasps that come out of her when she passes a lovely tree like this one are so sweet to me. Since we live in Georgia, there are tons of huge lovely trees for her to love. I printed out the Berkner words to share with her, and later when she is home, I will show her this post. She will find it sweet and utterly romantic. Thank you for sharing your story!

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