Photo Story Friday: Things That Make Me Go Weak in the Knees

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

I have a penchant for old cars, vintage to be exact. Although classic is the correct term.

I love them.

Well, not all of them. I don't like the souped-up models with mag wheels, racing stripes or flames going down the side and all hot-rodded out. Barely a flicker of what once was.

And I lean toward the 1940 to early 50's models.

But a little improvement is acceptable.

And a nicely restored class models just makes me all giddy.

Crazy, I know.

Who would have thought? I'm not the type.

But I look at the picture above and still get weak in the knees at the beauty of it. And the real beauty - that shot is straight out of my PAS camera. And if you click on it, you can see me in the fender taking the picture. Too funny.

It moved me.

I remembered this picture because I stopped at the grocery store last night and parked right next to a Vintage Chevy truck - 1947-48 or so, right in that range. I so wanted my camera; but even then, how could I explain to the owner if they walked out at that moment that I'm lusting after their truck!

Can we say - Awkward.

But it was so beautiful in its worn glory, with its perfect mix of green patina, eroded copper-rust and gray paint colors. I just wanted to hug that perfectly round dome of a hood.

I stood there staring for a moment.

I envisioned myself behind the wheel, driving down an old dirt road in the middle of South Dakota. Perfect. [Not too unlike the ending of Castaway with Tom Hanks]


My grandfather had an old 1956 dark green Chevy truck {3100 series I believe] I grew up with it. One year I came home from college to visit and found an ugly old red & white contemporary model sitting in the yard. I felt betrayed. [as if my grandparents were supposed to get an approval from me to get a new truck] But I understand that South Dakota winters are hard on vehicles and the old green [beloved by me] Chevy had seen better days.

I still reminisce about the coolness of that truck.


In college I had a 1963 Dodge 880 Custom with push button transmission - midnight blue. Do I have stories about that car. [all rated G - BTW.] It was a beauty. I put it up on blocks when I moved to the Big City and reluctantly sold it a year later.

Very reluctantly - to this day.

Not that I would still have it.

But it was a COOL car. For a first car.

Yup, classic cars excite me.


Brittany said...

I kinda pictured a Thelma and Louise moment, when I saw that car (not the whole driving into the grand canyon part... but the driving down the highway at max speeds, part). What a beautiful car!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

OH the coolness. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story and that shot definitely is a, no pun intended, classic. The colors just POP. Thanks for playing - tis awesome.

Unknown said...

WOW - that is amazing...and such an incredibly beautiful photo!

Claremont First Ward said...

Such a great post about classic cars and how you feel about them. Have you been to the Peterson car museum in LA? If not, you'll LOVE it. THanks for stopping by my photofriday! Hope you return soon.

Cecily R said...

That is an AWESOME shot! MG is right, the colors are amazing!

My grandpa had a red Dodge from the 50s. I loved to look at that car. It had so many memories in it. We were all sad when he sold it.

Thanks so much for playing PSF with us this week!

Pdyrholm said...

wow is that a candy coating?
The colors are just so amazing and a nice sunny day only helps.

It might not go fast but man I bet that's a ride to remember :-)

Cerulean Bill said...

South Dakota? Spent four years there. Know exactly what you mean...

Christina said...

It is a beauty!

Kat said...

Wow! What a car! V nice. :)

KG said...

So - speaking of vintage cars . . . . I have a rental car right now since mine is in the shop and it's a Dodge Charger. Oh no, not the cool old school kind . . . the crappy re-make. The original is ALWAYS better than the crappy re-do!

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