As I sat my desk this a few minutes ago, I felt a familiar rumble - it begins with a faint rumble like a truck driving by - only where I'm physically located, large trucks don't drive by.

So I say, "earth quake". Everyone continues about their business. [Maybe I'm imagining it]

Then the movement picks up in rolling; louder I repeat, "Earth Quack"! No response.

Then it really bumps and I yell (in a light tone like I'm making a happy announcement - because that's how I am.)


The secretary turns to me to say, "Oh, oh my!"

People, that was a good size shaking and I know that we weren't near the epicenter.

So after a few minutes we turn on the radio, it's centered outside of Diamond Bar, and the preliminary size of the quake is 5.8. We're not anywhere near Diamond Bar.

There have since been three 3.8 aftershocks, none of which we felt. That's why I knew it was big. (Even though it is considered "moderate" on the scale; when you're in it it's freaky.)

Heck, what other adventure can happen this week? It's only Tuesday!


Kat said...

That is so scary!!!!!

Christina said...

Holy crap! I have never been in an earthquake - that would freak me the heck out!

Brittany said...

I was just reading about this online! Glad you're ok!!!!

david mcmahon said...

We've had one here, but it was a tiddler compared to what you've been through.

Good to know all is well.

Cara said...

Oh, how scary. I would have been a complete mess.

Andi said...

As soon as I heard about that on the news here, I wondered about you since it was Southern California...I am so glad to read that you are ok. That must have been such a scary thing! Thank God your are all ok.

mandaroo63 said...

Glad you're okay! We grew up in Pomona....
Those earthquakes are still scary to me, even after living her most of my life!

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