I Love Brownies

Yah, I love the fattening kind too; but more so, I love Brownie cameras. Those cute little box cameras that you look down into the viewfinder to frame the perfect shot and then click.

Yesterday I mentioned that I had one for a while. It belonged to my parents and then I found it and fell hard for it in Jr. High (Middle School to the rest of you). It got lost for a while and I found it DEEP under the seat of my mother's car. Unfortunately the film had sat in the camera too long. This seems to be a pattern I seem to have with cameras and watches.

[Although I had a dream one night that all the watches I ever lost were in a shoe box that I found under my bed. I was ecstatic! Until I awoke to realize that it was just a dream and the watches were still lost to me.]

Any-who. I went to the Flea Market on Sunday (and drug Harrison along) For his sacrifice he relieved 2 Hot wheels cars, 2 McDonalds kids meal versions of Lego Bionicle robots and a Tootsie roll that he made last 2 hours! When I told him not to bite - he took it to heart!

I got this:
That's right, it's a Brownie Hawkeye Flash with flash attachment in working condition! For really cheap. The vendor gave me an incredible deal - lower than he wanted to go. I was tickled pink and Harrison said, "Are you doing the Happy Dance, mommy?"

Yes I was.

Maybe it's vindication for that day many years ago when I, in a complete fog of shock and grief, put my Brownie in the Good Will pile [While in the back of my head I'm thinking, this will make a camera enthusiast happy.]

Oh the things we do under duress.

But I have an additional plan for this camera. I love the Flickr group Through the Viewfinder or TtV. Basically, you take a picture with your camera focused on the image in the vintage camera's viewfinder; with a brownie it's hard to do because the viewfinder is tiny, but it can be done.
I need to make a contraption to block out all the light and try it. Here is a try looking through a paper towel tube. with all the balancing and such, I couldn't keep a steady hand for a clear shot. But you get the idea.

It's fun. Plus, I won't have to use my PAS any longer, I can try it with the DSLR. Ooo! More fun!

Then when I'm lucky and hit pay-dirt at a little junk shop, garage sale or Flea market; maybe I can pick up a Duaflex camera with a large pop-up view finder - it is another cool camera! My grandparents had one that I used when I visited them. But alas, it got lost in the aftermath their deaths.

I'll post more when I have time to play.

I also bought 3 vintage record boxes to keep my 45s in! I need to clean them up and maybe add something to them; but I am so excited because I just can't give up my 45s [yes, I have a vintage turn table that they can play on.] I have a collection from the early/mid eighties and a collection of my mom's consisting of country/western hits from the late 40's early 50s. Plus a few 60s sprinkled in for fun [my older brother's 45s]

Love the Flea Market!


Daryl said...

Fabulous .. my dad had a Rollieflex (sp?) that he let me use .. I wish I knew what happened to it ... I cannot believe it was thrown out during his lifetime and I know I didnt see it when we packed up the condo ..


Anonymous said...

Aw, I want to be your best friend. Can't wait to see your TTVs. And no one is allowed to acquire two new cameras in that time span. It's just not fair.

Christina said...

I have never gotten to play with any retro cameras...that is too cool!

Cerulean Bill said...

You know, we have some brownies in the oven right now.....

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