Christmas Giddyness!

Hope you had a nice Christmas, we did. I've been enjoying my new Camera case [I really needed one!] and my macro filters [can't afford a new macro lens so they're the next best thing.]

My husband also got me a pair of Sock Monkey slippers that Harrison happily pointed out matched my Nick & Nora Sock Monkey flannel pajamas. I L.O.V.E. pajamas - and I love my new, much needed, slippers.

They're so cozy! (I give credit to Kat for spotting them at Target last month & blogging about it. Hope you don't mind if we have matching slippers!) Slippers were on my Christmas list and I had NO idea what style to ask for until I read her post and marched the hubby right down to Target to show him the exact size and style. On that note, he got the wrong size and style and I took a trip to Target on Friday; well, three Targets all within an eight mile radius and the last one had ONE pair left in the right style and size! What luck! Worth the drive. [It was worth the drive for Harrison, too. he picked out a gift to get with his gift card from his Aunt.]

...but I think best of all, my husband surprised me with season passes to Disneyland. I had resolved myself to not having passes this year, but I was starting to feel sad as several [and I mean several] of my friends are getting season passes. [It doesn't hurt that Disneyland started a payment plan for Southern California residents.] So he splurged. After all, it really is the gift that keeps on giving all year long. 

I. Am. So. Excited!


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid to even find out how much season passes are if they are needing to offer a payment plan. Ouch. But I wouldn't be able to resist either.

Christina said...

What a wonderful bunch of Christmas goodies! Love the slippers. I have slippers on my wish list, and if I don't recieve them at the Christmas celebration still coming, I might have to become Monkey Slipper Twins with you. How does the macro filter work? I've been interested in one.

Brittany said...

How lovely!! :) I got passes, too... To the zoo... ;) To only have Disney so close!! Wonderful gifts, my friend!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you guys had a merry Christmas!
We picked up our season passes on Christmas Eve and are already planning a return visit (even though I swore we would only go once a month at the most - HA!)

Jenny said...

YAY for Disneyland!!! Call me and we could go together. The Christmas decor is going until January 4th!

Jenny said...
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Susan Tuttle said...

Season passes to Disneyland! -- now that's an awesome present!

Happy New Year!


Cara said...

I love the slippers! I am jealous that you are close enough to Disneyland to get a season pass. Sound like a good Christmas :-)

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