The Little Reveal!

My Christmas cards are all in the mail as of today and although not everyone has received it, I'm finally posting it!

This is the front of the card. You may recognize the angel.  I printed 2-up on 8 1/2 x 11 card stock and then cut them in half.
I took picture of candy canes and then played with the image in Photoshop because I wanted it more rounded. Then I took pictures of each of us and added them into my candy cane heart. Harrison has a Bug pop-up book that I used is a folding guide. I'm not sure where I got the idea for the card this year. I think I just buckled under the pressure to come up with something "good". I did go for a clean, white look - hence all the white space.
 After that I printed the inside, cut close around the edges, folded and glued them inside.I now know which stick glue truly does hold the best. The strongest permanent hold is the Avery permanent glue stick. this after trying three different brands. ( I accidentally left the lid off my Avery stick to go Caroling and it dried out. Elmer's permanent bond craft glue just isn't as good.)

And here is kind of what it looks like all finished. (actually, I forgot to get a picture of a completed one, this one isn't fully glued down at the bottom.)

Christmas cards have morphed into something much bigger that I had ever imagined - and I can't seem to cut down my list. I usually send out some sort of not-too-wordy newsletter either incorporated into the card or in addition to the card. The year Harrison was born I didn't send out a newsletter - I figured it was a no-brainer. We did a top ten list shortly after we were married and I had done one a couple years before I was married. So it was fun to ressurect the Top Ten...
 Only we didn't. I think these went out around Valentines Day 2006! No joke.

This year once again, no newsletter. I have released myself from doing one. (and relieved my firends from having to read one!) Seriously, I don't see the need to send one EVERY year.  Pluse, I didn't feel like doing one for so many reasons; but mainly because I was too busy, too tired, too rushed to be witty about the past year.

Infact, last year I swore I would just do a photo card, but I had to play around with the idea and create my own template then fill it with toy versions of us (toys that consumed our lives at the time). I did include a newsletter with pictures of the past 20 years in SoCal with n updated family picture- quickly taken by the Christmas tree for said newsletter.

Maybe next year I will finally REALLY be boring and do an honest-to-goodness picture card or even old-fashioned boxed cards. What a relief it would be!

Then again maybe the friend that emailed me this year  will once again turn up the heat for me to come up with something new. 

Most likely the later...


Brittany said...

LOVE those cards!!! You did a wonderful job!!

Anonymous said...

That is TOO TOO awesome! Wow, I think you just about out did every one on the planet.

Christina said...

Wow. that's pretty dang impressive. Did I already say wow?

Cara said...

I love the cards, did you have to cut out each one? I thought putting a picture in 80 Christmas Cards was a lot of work, I can't imaging creating each and every one.

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