Crafty (?) Tuesday

Well, tomorrow is Purim - the Jewish celebration of the book of Esther at Harrison's school. (Esther helps save the Jewish people from the evil hand of Haman.)  Harrison has been learning songs and is excited about dressing up like "Uncle Mordichi".

Only he doesn't go to school on Tuesdays; but we are going in the morning before soccer so that he can march around in the Purim parade in his handmade mask and crown.


Three sewing machines, two weeks and one sewing needle later - I finished this freakin' craft!

If there are sewing gods out there, they are rolling on the floor laughing at me. I don't know how one person [who took AH sewing class in Jr. High and sewed on only one sewing machine her entire life and doesn't even darn socks] can have so much trouble just trying to finish one little project.

All I have to say is, thank you everyone for the fine collection of machines I have on loan.

 I'll be opening my sewing machine exhibit in early April...

Anyone else wanna loan me a machine? Maybe in this case - the fourth time is the charm.

Or maybe I should just listen to those sewing machine gods telling me to get out of the sewing room.


Christina said...

Who cares if you had a hard time getting it done - you DID IT! And that alone impresses me. I am seriously sewing challenged. I just can't do it. You did good!

Unknown said...

But it looks so very amazing! And I'm sure Harrison is loving it...that should keep you going back to the sewing room for a little more torture, I should think!

I am laughing at your machine exhibit...that is so funny!

Brittany said...

That is SO fun!!!! :) Can't wait to see him in his garb!

Cara said...

Did all the machine just not work or did they break when you were trying to make the stuff?
The end product sure looks awesome.

Jen Graham said...

LOL. Is it okay to totally snicker and snort at your "gallery"?

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