Welcome to March! I'm looking forward to a really good (and productive) month! Just a quick update on the things going on around here - if you're interested.

First and foremost, I got through the first two months of my 365 project! Woot!


I'm still a 'fast or famine' shooter, mainly due in part to my schedule and my inability to get to bed at a decent hour, thus not being able to get up at a decent hour. Catch 22 I tell ya'; but I'm working on it. After all, this is the year of "change".
(and don't remind me if you happened to notice that I posted comments at 2am this morning. no. let's not go there.)

Unlike Tuesday, when I took one shot {of my cute little Moo cards}, today I grabbed both cameras for a bit and went outside to take some TtV pictures in my not-so-beautiful back yard - after spending 20 minutes photographing tiny things.

Harrison's tiny little bowling pins.

Now if I can only finish my sewing assignments my son has given me!


Christina said...

Awesome job, Rose! Isn't it a great feeling to look back and see how many beautiful images you've created? There are so many there that I love.

Stacy said...

Great job and wonderful shots! I could not keep up with the 365 project. I also suffer from the not going to bed at a decent time thing.

Cara said...

I am so proud of you (an jealous). My 365 went to the wayside here with a little vomit and a lot of deadlines at work.
I'm ok though, I am going to give it a try next year. I can say that in the past few days I have been shooting a lot. I just can't seem to put the camera down recently (which is a good thing).

Brittany said...

how awesome Rose!! :) What beautiful shots- all of them!

come see my page! I am giving away some goodies! :)

Unknown said...

I'm with jealous! I do so good for a few days, and then get caught up and won't pick my camera up for a few days.

I love so many of your shots!

Jen Graham said...

You've been tagged. :)

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