Tagged Again

 This is for Jen. (if you like scrap booking - check her out!)

Go to your photo folder. From the 6th Folder, display the 6th picture.... then go and tag 6 unwilling people to do the same. :) The post a note on their blog to let them know.

My 6th folder only had six pictures in it - wasn't that lucky - or not.
his is from our trip to the Bug Fair last year, I think it's about time to order some more caterpillars.

If you got this far, consider yourself tagged.

1 comment:

Killlashandra said...

hehehehe...I've done a similar meme but from the 4th folder. I may do this one later. However, it is interesting to see some of the less inspiring pictures hiding in the archives still. ;)

Is it a butterfly or a moth? I can't quite tell.

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