Sunday Self

I have had this idea in mind for sometime, combining self portraits and scripture on Sundays. Here is my first entry. I spent many of my younger years not always excepting myself for who I am. Wanting a rounder face, less hair, fuller lips, different eyebrows, straighter legs, curly hair, bluer eyes, nicer teeth, stronger jaw line, darker skin, daintier fingernails, on and on and on. What does it all boil down to? I hate to admit it now, but not having a strong sense self (self esteem) at an early age.  But that was then, this is now.

I AM a beautiful person, created in exactly the way God intended. I am loved by my family and my Savior - unconditionally. I have wonderfully thick hair and legs shaped perfectly for horseback riding! Long before I was married, I began to tear down the walls of lies created in my head by silly, thoughtless comments from people who didn't know me, nor care. I put in the time and work to realize that who I am physically is NOT who I am. (and that there is not a thing wrong with me physically - as my husband and friends [and I] will attest to.)

Don't misinterpret this as a wah-wah over poor, poor pitiful me. Not in the least. This is just say that for some of us it takes longer to see ourselves the way God sees us. Out of the ashes of life comes the ability to see our true beauty - inside and out - and the strength and courage to embrace that beauty. 

And to share beauty with others. That's why I love photography - I can capture the everyday beauty of the people and things that environ my life.

Join me as a embrace Who I Am through the camera lens.

But first, I REALLY do need a haircut!


Christina said...

This is lovely, Rose! The project and the image are beautiful, but the meaning behind it is even more beautiful. Three cheers for YOU!

ELK said...

such meaningful scripture ~
the photo really fits!

Stacy said...

Beautiful shot and wonderful words, both the scripture and your post. It's a good thing for everyone to do...accepting yourself as you are. :)

Unknown said...

What a fantastic project and I am excited to follow this!

(Sorry, I'm just catching up from the past few weeks...I'll get there!)

Puna said...

This is beautiful, wonderful. I look forward to coming back again next Sunday...I may just copy you...

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