WW - A Little Secret

I LOVE tequila.

It's out.

Straight up.

No lime.

No salt.

No, I don't drink too much anymore. [in fact this Almond flavored tequila makes a nice addition to an after dinner coffee drink.]

Yeah, I drank this shot after I took the picture.

It was yummy.


Beth F said...

Very nice still life. Good job.

L~ said...

you are a REAL woman! Straight tequila?! Wow! I think I am going to try the almond kind, sounds yummy!

Cerulean Bill said...

In an old novel titled The Wanting of Levine, the main character adopts tequila as his drink of choice so that people won't ask him to drink THEIR drink, which was frequently rotgut. He is astonished to find that after several years, he grows to like it.

BTW, that shotglass is pretty.

ELK said...

cheers !

Puna said...

This is a great shot! Figuratively of course! The shot glass is very pretty!

Unknown said...

You ARE my soul sister. Mmmm...tequila.
Love this.

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