Cue the Crickets

So I cleaned out just about 500 emails out of my mailbox. Yeah, that gives you an idea of how things have been around here.

Multi-Tasker? HA!

How about Multi-System shutdown? That's more like it.

I can honestly say that blogging crashed and burned in the last month and a half and the 365 project was literally hanging on by a string only a couple weeks ago. I even have a desire to pick up my camera. To be even be creative. Truth be told, I misplaced my faith in my own ability for a moment.

But I refuse to throw in the towel on the 365 project. I wasn't playing by any rules but my own so I decided I missed some days and that is that. I'm continuing forward.

Let me tell you why I love the 365 Project.

I have a HORRIBLE memory. To the point that I have had friends be disappointed that I can't remember certain moments that they can. To the point that I can pull out a newspaper clipping I had saved about about someone I knew and didn't remember that person any longer. To the point that I will listen to mutual friends recount their version of a story from an event we were all at and I think, "how did I forget that?"
To the point that I look back at Harrison's blog and think, "oh my gosh, I forgot about that!"

But I remember a lot too, so I'm good.

What do I see when I look back at June 2009 [that flew by all too fast] walking into the dining room to find an alien hanging from the plantation shutters, taking pictures for an ad in the monthly newsletter that I edit, a sweet flower brought home for my hair by my boy after an outing with his Daddy. A day at the aquarium when the Lorakeets landed on Harrison, two birthday parties in one weekend with my hubby spontaneously playing DJ at one of them, the Friends of the Library booksale - books for cheap!! Woot! A gift of a Jewish Prayerbook from the Rabbi to Harrison for finishing preschool. Making chicken picata, celebrating new life, losing a toy car out the window and finding it crunched by a real car. More new life, shopping with mommy, making fresh lemonade all by himself.

A good month that I will always easily remember.

Thanks to 365.

Now I just have to brush off the dust and kick out the crickets.


Christina said...

love your words on the memories preserved by the 365 project! sweetness! good for you for keeping up even in the midst of chaos.

Unknown said...

i think playing by your own rules is great - whatever keeps you playing!

and i just reread my old blog entries this really...that happened in this house? yeah, blogs are a very, very good thing!

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