Moving Around

We have been looking at ways to save money - like so many other Americans right now. One child going off to college and a slew of other things going on, we were planning to move; but a chain of events has put a halt on that plan - for a few months at least.

This past week I've moved furniture around in {and out of}our office so that the GID can store some of his business supplies here in the house instead of an expensive storage unit.

It's actually had a good effect. I love my little office space in the dining room.

 It puts me out in the main living space so that when I'm working on a project and Harrison is working on something or watching a show I can a.) more easily monitor him and b.) leave him feeling more content that I am in the same room with him and more willing to let me get said project done.

Funny how three years into living in this house I move a couple pieces of furniture around and love it all the more... {of course making it harder to leave if need requires}

I moved the buffet in the kitchen and flip-flopped the my farmhouse cabinet with the microwave stand and found it so much MORE APPEALING, let alone functional!

Finally, I moved Harrison's art supplies out of the buffet and into a built in which is conveniently located next to his table and chairs. Now he has easy access all the time!

Plus, just to top it all off, I've sent junk away to the Good Will, listed things on Freecycle and sold the High Chair on Craigslist.

No wonder I haven't had time to blog!!

I think this qualifies as a good Tackle-It Tuesday post.  but for fun Crafty Tuesday stuff go visit Carrie at Barely Controlled Chaos, she got some fun to show off!


Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

What wonderful ideas and I love how everything fell into place. Great spaces filled with goodies!

Thanks for stopping by!

Christina said...

It looks fabulous! Yes indeed, it will be hard to leave all those wonderful spaces when the time comes. I really like your new little office space!

Unknown said...

LOVE your new office space. It is amazing how just moving things around a bit seems to give a space a whole new life! I love your hutch...your house looks so cozy chic - like it is cool looking without even trying to be!

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