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I had the pleasure of taking my girlfriend's maternity pictures a few months back, then a few short weeks later I was back for the newborn shoot! My first NEWBORN shoot - as in 7 days old! Needless to say, as much as I am comfortable with and know my friend well, I am still a perfectionist and want the photos to turn out perfect. As well as the experience.

Everything is delivered and all went well. (although I can give a list of things I need to try differently or do - or just take a breath - a little more often - but most of all...Trust MY instincts!!  there are a couple shots that I saw in my head but didn't stop and get, but that's how we learn to work with people, eh?

Oh the love!!


Christina said...

oooh, that is some sweet baby yumminess indeed! Beautiful work, Rose!

Cara said...

The B&W is awesome, I think you did an amazing job. I know what you mean about having a shot in your head that you just don't get.

Unknown said...

Oh, the LOVE indeed. That second shot is just about the most stunning bitty baby shot I have ever seen. Makes me want the girls to be tiny again so I can get one of those shots!


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