Double Digits!

Only yesterday...

That what it seems like. But alas it has been 10 years.
We've been married 10 years.


Last year I mentioned that I would have probably added some additional "detail" pictures had I known and pictures of getting ready. I didn't have anyone doing that. And even back then I would have loved close up shots of the flower bouquets and the bridesmaids gloves that I designed (and were sewn by a friend - thank you for taking over that project!). Regardless, it was a perfect day that we joyfully reflected on throughout and long past our first year of marriage. 

Lately as I've been cleaning and downsizing things I don't use or need, I have stumbled across little items from that day tucked away here and there. One being my wedding dress shoved in Harrison's closet. I thought it would be fun to do a Trash the Dress session with the Guy-I-Dig for our 10th anniversary presciently since it was never cleaned and boxed. Then I tried it on - but 10 years, genes, and giving birth has left me unable to zip up the back.

So I took a picture instead!

Another item I discoved was the box with my wedding shoes. Seriously, they are not as pretty or sexy as the shoes I've seen photographed lately; and the years of living in a box inside the closet of hundred year old houses has taken it's toll on the not-so fancy-shoes. Yet, the scuffs and dirt on them represent a wonderful day filled with joy and celebration with our closest family and friends. I bought them with comfort and dancing in mind, Plus, I changed into my white 60's go-go boots (which have also not fared well in the hundred-year-old house...) under the wedding dress for part of the reception anyway .

So now I have a few detail pictures and I can let go of those items that I have no use for because these pictures evoke such great memories of that day.

Even 10 years later.

Here's looking forward to the next 10 years! Oh how I love that Guy-I-Dig! 

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Anonymous said...

Having trouble with my blog today...

HipMomma said...

OK, it's good now.

I've forgotten what I wanted to write earlier. Something about wanting to get married again so I could get better pictures done. Nice job and those and what a great idea. My girls would actually get a kick out of seeing my wedding dress.

Christina said...

Congrats, Rose - a full decade is a big deal! Your wedding dress was gorgeous...wonder if I'd fit in mine now?

Unknown said...

Aw, what lovely photos and memories. Happy 10th anniversary! We just celebrated ours last month too! : )

Unknown said...

Happiest Anniversary to you, Rose! We wish you many, many more too!

Your dress was amazing...I wonder if I could get into mine still. Mmm....I don't think I really want to even try. Let's just *think* of course it still fits! :-)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That's great! My husband and I are going on 8 years and I doubt my dress would fit either!

Love the photos.

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