I *heart* Anthropologie

And what do I love more than the clearance section of Anthropologie?

A gift card to Anthropologie!

 I picked up a sweet little tea cup and an embroidered hand towel for my kitchen. Love them!

Speaking of picking up, Christmas shopping days are running out, if you need/want a wonderful hand-made heirloom toy for a younger child check this out!
A fun toy at a great price! Harrison saw one at Anthropologie and LOVED it. I was ecstatic to find it at The Copper Mailbox and support a small business. They only have 10 left!

BTW, almost finished with Project 365 - the image above is #348. Wow, that was a fast year!


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That is a beautiful cup!

I have a ways to go on my Project 365. You are so much more organized on that!

Unknown said...

my favorite store in the world.

Emma always asks if we can go in the "Pology store that smells good" - who am I to deny her??

Killlashandra said...

I totally miss that store. When I worked UW there was one at the bottom of the hill and I used to walk over there on lunch to browse. Unfortunately there isn't one in NM....yet. :)

King of New York Hacks said...

Now...im in the mood for tea...Sending you good tidings and some very loud Christmas Honks from Times Square NYC !! MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!

Mary Marantz said...

oooh Anthropologie is AWESOME!!

Unknown said...

I recently got 3 coffee cups from the clearance section of Anthropologie.com! They are so cute and lovely!! Love that store!

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