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The day was a hard one... for the four-year-old. Sometimes I think it's just hard being four. After preschool we went to the Wilderness park (which is a beautiful park, but really, there's not much wilderness left; with the exception of ducks and turtles) He was told not to throw rocks into the pond and listened, but in the car two hours later. He melted into tears - the second time this day.

With bruised emotions, bruised hands and dirt on his face, we marched into Starbucks and ordered a hazelnut cream for him and an eggnog latte for me. He choose a big brown leather chair to share with me as we relaxed and sipped our drinks. He drew comfort in the warm, flavored milk and I drew comfort in the quiet moment between us - mother and son.


And just like that, November is over.

November at a glance

Oh it's on, baby! Let the Holidays Begin!!


Jaimee said...

sort of how life goes, isn't it? one minute everything is off & the next perfect! love your pics...the collage is gorgeous - would make an awesome print just like that...

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Can't believe how fast November went! My son turned three during it and then whoosh it was gone.

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